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five months since robotic surgery

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I have still no gotten better than what i would call a 50% erection. It's been 5 months. Am i being impatient?

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Yes. The nerves controlling erections have been tramatized by the surgery, and it does take appreciable time for them to recover. And recovery may not even be 100%. But don't give up hope. Use the little blue pill and enjoy yourself. I'm 17 months since surgery and alternate between the pill and no pill, depending on my mood. Without the pill, the erection will fade quicker without constant stimulation, so it's all between the kind of activity you and your lover share. You'll get there.....

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I am 21 months since robotic surgery and erections are about 75% without the pill. I try not using it. When I do erections last longer, but still not at the levels before surgery. I am content and grateful however, for I have a healthier life. Best wishes.

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