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24 yrs old, celebrating 11 yrs CML free

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Hey all, this is my first post... my name is Andrea. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia when I was 12 yrs old. I was unresponsive to chemo so I had a BMT when I was 14. My donor was unrelated, from Ireland. Today I'm celebrating my 11 yr in remission. I must say I live a pretty normal life. And I'm very fortunate for that. I had a lot of issues with pneumonia when I was just post transplant... but my lungs are basically normal now. I havent seen an oncologist in 3 years as I'm uninsured and cant afford medical. I dont normally think much about the days when I was sick.. but today I've thought about it alot. I was told when I had my transplant that if I made it 5 yrs in remission then the chances of me relapsing are the same as any normal person getting leukemia for the 1st time. Does anyone know if this is true? I was also wondering if any women had success with fertility after a BMT. I was told when I was 15 that I had ovarian failure due to chemo. Well when I was 19 I got pregnant. Unfortunately it was a tubal (ectopic) pregancy and it was terminated and I lost my right fallopian tube. But all these years since then I've wondered if my ovaries recovered? Has anyone had this happen?
I'm very grateful that I have recovered the way I have. sometimes I dont even feel like I ever was sick. One thing is for sure... after thinking about relapse today... I'm not so sure I'd be able to handle getting sick again....especially now that I'm an adult. Anyway, I'm trying to be positive today because I have reasons to be. But I'm a little depressed because I haven't heard from a single family member so I'm wondering if everyone forgot. Back in the day my anniversary was like another birthday for me. Its still a special day to me, just wish my family would acknowledge it. I also wish I had set up to volunteer on a pediatric hem/onc floor... it would have been nice to give some young ones hope on a day like today.

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I sorry your family forgot. The fact that they forgot, just attests to the fact that your recovery is so complete, they forgot you were ever sick. That's a good thing.

<<<<< yeah!!!! >>>>>>

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Congratulations andrea!!!
Thank you for sharing your story. You are hope for us who are in treatment. Maybe your family forgot the day, but I'm sure they did'nt forget your story, just sometimes you don't want to say or mention something that was a difficult situation. Only you know what is been facing cancer, don't forget this and let's keep in the fight of the cure. Making donations, volunteer, participating in events. We need to keep fighting

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What a inspiring story! I can relate to this, my 16- year anniversary is coming up on April 10. I was 11 months old when I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. I really hope the best for you and dont let your family get to you on your very special day. :)

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hey im in the process of getin a bone marrow transplant well on the waitin list still can u email me at star78702@yahoo.com would love to hear bout ur experience and if u can give me advice and how it was when u got it im very scared and would love to hear stories from people that have gone thru it please get back at me

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