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Looking for Support for a Friend

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Hello All,

My good friend Chris has been fighting malignant melanoma for the past 16 months. Recently he completed a 52-week session of interferon and the prognosis in December looked promising. Unfortunately a recent PET scan revealed that the cancer has metastasized to his liver, 2 lymph nodes and 2 other microsites. The only treatment available for this stage is Interleukin II which he will undergo in early March. My reason for posting is to find more information about the struggles and symptoms of the treatment from those who have undergone it. It is very intense from what I have read but I would like to pick your brains for coping strategies and such.

Along these lines my friend's wife, Julia, is looking for some support as well. If there are any other caregivers or spouses of those who have undergone this treatment that are willing to communicate with her I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks to all,


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