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2nd Treatment done....

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...And they gave me Emend this time.. with 3 Dexamethasone, and 2 Zofran, so far so good, it's the next night (tomorrow) that I hope is better.. they also sent me home with an Emend for Tomorrow morning, and a prescription for the Dex, and also some Lorazapem (Ativan)..I feel myself getting really tired now though.

My hemoglobin was low though.. being anemic, it's hard for the bone marrow to even make more blood for me, I may be losing it through my stools, but they gave me a prescription to go to some doctor, or ER room, or something next week to do a CBC test on me, and they need to fax them the results, this scares me. She says if it gets lower, I'd probably need another blood transfusion, but what scares me is I hope this is something they can fix, and something that isn't getting worse...nervous now...

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sorry to hear your so tired!!! rest up and try to drink a lot of fluids, try not to be nervous they are probably being over cautious!!! get your rest i will talk with ya soon!!!!!!

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I hope the Emend does the trick for you. Let us know what you find out when you have the blood test. I'll be praying for you.


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Wasn't expecting to see you until Friday! The Emend will take care of your nausea so it will be good for you! I think they are probably just being overly cautious for you as well; I get a CBC I think every 3 months. I pray for you daily, Donna, get strong and take it easy this week!

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but it sounds like your Onc has a good plan for you. Let the Ativan take effect and sleep when you can. And drink a lot.

Different subject. I had been off the board for a while and when I first saw your posts, your pictures look so much like a dear friend from back home. I think of her everytime I see your posts and feel a special need to say extra prayers for you, Shayenne. Stay on that high calorie diet. You look so thin. And don't worry too much about a CBC, they are just keeping an eye on things. You will get through this and you are not alone.

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Of course you feel sleepy, Donna.... you have the Ativan :) Ativan is definitely a calming med and is a great med for going to sleep with. You mentioned having the 3 Dexamethasones before the chemo today... that is my all time favourite med :) It's a steroid and besides doing wonderful things with keeping all the bad side affects at bay, for someone like myself who has arthritis, it turns into a super med... arthritis be gone!! :D But the side affect to the Dex is it gives you a buzz (not a high buzz, just a speedy buzz) and most people find it hard to sleep while on it. So the Ativan will combat the buzz of the Dex :)

So if you DO feel quite a bit more tired this go round, that's to be expected because no only are you on the chemo which can be tiring, but you are also on the Ativan which will knock you out :)

All totally normal. As for the CBC blood test... that's just a regular one that they do all the time to keep an eye on the blood counts.



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So that's why I'm up at this stupid hour! 3:15 a.m. I fell asleep off the Ativan, and now wide awake again..man, I didn't think that was a steroid they gave me. They told me to take on in the morning with Emend, and one on the 3rd Day with emend, then with the other nausea meds on Friday, and they gave me more for days of my next appt, so I guess they'll be giving me 3 Emends on the next trip as well, so far so good, I feel like I'm getting night sweats, but still getting up every hour as well to pee!

My kids thought I looked like I lost weight, which I thought I did, since I can see my cheekbones again, they don't understand I used to be really skinny, and had swelled up to over 40 pounds, which was the bloated look I had in more recent pics..I never looked big to them, just abit overweight, and I told them "believe it or not, before I had kids, I was only 103 lbs, after 4 kids and quitting smoking, I went up to 150, I'm only 5'2. So when they weighed me today, I had the pleasure of telling my kids that I didn't lose too much weight with the chemo..I actually gained a pound!!! so I was eating more then I should, and of course the McDonald's, Applebee's, Chinese Buffett are all to blame that I ate at! I hope my cancer cookbooks come in soon, at least they'll help me into more healthier ways of eating :)

Awww, thanks for the special words pamysue, she must have been very special for you to even think of her so fondly. Thanks for the prayers all, I hope this is just something that won't ruin things for me and they can fix, you think they would try and find where I may be bleeding from instead of giving me blood transfusions though. My uncle and aunt had this, and it was a different type of anemia that people from the Mediterranean descent, including Italian which I am half of, do get, it's called something anemia that the NY doctors found them to have, they fixes their problems where they were bleeding inside and not outside somewhere, so I mentioned it to the nurse, but may mention it to the doctor next time, to check on that anemia since my cousin also had it...

Cheryl...they aren't going to make me grab a poop and put it in a bag are they, to see if there is blood hidden in the stools? if so, I will die! ew...

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I thought about you and prayed for you today. I hope the Emend works for you. I hope you get good rest.

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Thanks for that. I wasn't able to get on with those other meds they gave me last time, but the Emend seems to be working, and will take it again in the morning she said, with the Dexamethsone, she wants me to eat 6 small meals during the chemo.. I said she was high, I couldn't eat for 5 day last time I did this, and had a half bottle of water each day, I couldn't eat or drink nothing...and she said I could have ended up in the hospital, but I said well, my temperature was fine, so saw no reason to go to the hospital, the dr said she more concerned with me getting fluids down, it was just so hard.

Tonight, I had 6 White Castle burgers that Wes and I ate on the way home, we bought a 30 pack to bring home to the kids..it actually "went through me pretty quick" when I got home..I swear, White Castle burgers have always been a good laxative!

You and Dick are always in my prayers, when I go to church every other Sunday, I put all down in a prayer circle we have, and I usually do mention the people on this board all the time. We can all use it, and I think it helps, I feel God when I come here, honestly.


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Donna, I am so glad this time is better. i think it will continue to be alright, since they sent you home with the same drugs. I will be praying for you. I finished my first treatment yesterday, and Praise God, I feel fine. Stay strong, try to rest as much as possible and don't worry about the blood tests. My dr. says they will test mine every other time after chemo. I think thatis just to be on safe side. Hopefully you won't have to do the poop test. I'm with you on that one.
God Bless you,

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Good job, Shayenne! Two down! I'm so glad the Emend works for you. You are right--I'd rather have surgery than be nauseated for those long stretches. Don't worry too much about the CBC--it's probably just precautionary & to cover all the bases. Take care.

Hugs and prayers,

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...be in labor giving birth with no drugs then have that nausea anyday! UGH!

So far, I was actually able to eat something, I am supposed to eat something before I take the Dexamethasone, so White Castle for breakfast, also took my 2nd dosage of the Emend, wow, I hope it stays like this throughout the night, I have to take the Dex at dinner also, and if I need more to take the Compazine and Zofran with it. I can't believe I actually ate something on it, last time I couldn't even get down a whole water bottle, the nurse said if I dont eat again for 4-5 days, that I would end up in the hospital, and I dont want to go there, so hydrating myself with some cranapple juice right now :)

Donna :)

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Hi Donna
Wondering how your feeling today and if your nausea finally went away? We now have one week with out Chemo. :) Did you find a different fanny pack?
praying for you, Irene

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I just been feeling very tired, I just got disconnected from the pack on Friday, and it seems to take up to 4-5 days where I feel like I'm in a zombie mode, just really wiped, but other then that, I had absolutely no nausea this time, they gave me Emend, 3 Dexamethasones, and 1 Zofran, for the chemo day, and sent me home with the other 2 Emend pills for the 2nd and 3rd day, plus a prescription for the Dexamethasones, and what a difference this treatment was from the last. I was even able to eat, whereas I couldn't eat for 4 days last time. I hope you treatments are getting better as well? I sure didn't find another fanny pack.. I think I may as well stick with this ugly Walgreens one they gave me lol.. it seems to fit well, the other fanny packs I have seen seem too small to put the pump in.

Looking forward to this one week of no chemo myself, as soon as I can charge up again, it sucks having to feel like this, only to have to do it again..and feel out of it again, but, Oh well, if thats what it takes!

I am also praying for you, and hope your treatments are better.


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Can I get an AMEN !!!!!!! Great news on the nausea......It would be an easy 12 if only for the nausea....it will be all done soon enough....God Bless ya hun

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Who is your doc at James? You're so lucky that you only have 12 rounds to do. My mom will be on chemo until she beats this beast. She did what you said you were doing, not eating or drinking and ended up in the hospital twice. She now forces herself to drink and whatever sounds good at the moment, I get for her. She sets a goal for herself to drink an entire bottle of something each day. It isn't as much as I'd like to see her drink but it's something. Just pay attention to your output too, if you're not peeing you better drink up. Both times my mom had to go to the hospital she had not told anyone that she hadn't gone to the bathroom in like 12 hours or more. So a word for the wise, don't do that!!! I hope you're feeling well.

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...is my dictor at The James, she's really nice, I like her. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital during my first treatment, but I didn't, I forced myself after a few days. Tell her to get them to use the Emend for herself for anti-nausea, they gave me that during the 2nd treatment, and it was awesome, I was able to eat, drink and all, I felt so much better, and definitely your mom needs to watch and tell you when something isn't right, I am constantly trying to drink something now to stay hydrated..I hope your mom is feeling better!

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