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What steroid do you get for chemo?

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Hi ladies, I am just regaining my strength from my chemo cycle. I had gemzar on Feb 9th followed by cisplatin on the 11th. My goodness! the cisplatin knocked me down. I had extreme nausea and vomiting in spite of the steroids and anti-nausea. I was in the hospital for a week.

I have a question for all of you veterans, what steroid do you use? They gave me decadron (dexamethasone) but I seemed to get a severe headache from it. I'm trying to research another option for the next cycle.

Any input welcome.

PS I apologize if this comes through twice.

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Hi Kathleen - that is the steroid they gave me also. Are they sure it's the steroid giving you the headache? When I had IP Cisplatin it was the absolute worst I had ever felt. It took me 13 days to even be able to walk upright - I cried all the time and felt as if I was literally shaking on the insides.

Have you thought about talking to the pharmacist to see what they might suggest?

Good luck and I hope you find something that works better for you.

Thinking of you and sending a hug.


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Hi Kathleen, Sorry to hear about your aweful side affects. But if misery likes company ... move on over as here I come... :-) I get the steroid headaches too, no fun at all and then have other after affects as they wear off. I always said the steroids seemed almost worst than the chemo.

You do need the steriods with the chemos you are on, it would be worse without them.

Tell me which anti=nausea drugs you get. When I was on Zofran the headaches were worse, almost like a migraine. We discovered I am allergic to Zofran and that some people get really bad headaches from it. We switched to aloxi and they aren't as bad, also would highly recommend the 3day emmend with the cisplatin. The emmend works magic with nausea and made the carboplatin more bearable for me.

Hoep that helps, pray you are on the mend and the chemo is kicking cancer's butt.

Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie

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I also took Emmend and was Never sick. It didn't give me headaches or nausea. Maybe your Dr. could prescribe that?

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I was given dexamethasone and emmend together and I also never got sick or headaches....but that is just me so ...did you get both? Maybe that would help.
Cisplatin really knocks you on your butt but fluids with electrolites really helps (Gatorade)
Sending ((Hugs)), prayers and good thoughts your way,

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Hi kathleen that is the steriod that they gave me also.Maybe its the chemo that is making you sick.Give your doctor a call and let him know. Sending you positive thoughts your way.
Hugs and Prayers,

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Thanks ladies, this is helpful. I am sure it is the steroids, as soon as the drip finished each time (I got 4 bottles altogether, before I stopped it) the migrane would slowly get better. I got seraton (not sure the genreic name but was told was like zophran) and something called purinpuran (have to look that up too). The last few days I only had the anti-nausea (still didn't keep me from throwing up) and no headache. I can only assume the steroid was doing it.

I head back into the hospital on Sunday to start the whole thing over on Monday. I am much stronger emotionally and physically so hope that can make a difference. After getting the 4 days of fluids and I'm not throwing up, they will let me go home:)

Thanks again,

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I know I got benedryl but don't know what the steriod was with the carboplatin. I never had a headache even though I did break out in a rash most of the time and then I would have to take a steroid pac of decreasing pills after I got home. I think my body tends to break out as a reaction. Actually the steroid pac made me feel really good and increased my appetite. I had very little nausea so I ate and ate.
Keep us posted on the next treatment and how it goes. We will be praying for you. ♥ Saundra

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I had the decadron, zofran, benedryl and ethyol all before chemo (carbo/taxol). My headaches occured when my blood counts were too low.

It ain't easy is it? ☺

Take care,

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When my mother was going through her chemo, she developed migraines as a result. She was on decadron as a steriod and the doctors didn't think it was causing her headaches, just that it was something that developed as a result of everything going into her body. You should check into it being migraines just to be sure.


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My steroid is decradon(sp?) It gives me acid so I have to use prilosec twice a day when using it. I haven't had any problems other then that. Well except the sleepless nights night sweats and the ususal with steroids. I don't like them and they cut mine down because of chest pain from acid.
Prayers and HUgs

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