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how long does it take

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on the first of feb I was told I have a mass on my lung I have been to the pulmonary Dr. and had a ct bone scan and will have a biobsy on march 3, the waiting is hard how long does it take to start treatment I feel like I am waisting valuable time waiting. the dr. acts like 6 weeks will make no difference in my health is this normal?

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6 weeks seems like a long time to me. I had a CT that identified a mass in my lung and was in for a biopsy within the week. I had to wait almost a week for the biopsy results and then a couple of more days for a confirmation of the results. I started radiation and chemotherapy within days of getting the final results. If you feel uncomfortable with his delay then you need to get another opinion or push to get things moving with this doctor.

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A scan performed in August of 07 confirmed the existence of a small but growing node in the lower right lung lobe. However, a biopsy (and the immediately following lobectomy) was not performed until Jan. 31, '08.

Why the wait? I was advised that the node was originally too small from which to extract from a biopsy anything that could be properly assessed.

When the biopsy WAS performed, I remained 'under' while the biopsy assessment took place immediately, and when it was determined that the tumor was indeed malignant, the lobectomy took place before I even left the table. (We had discussed this eventuality prior to the surgery, of course.)

It DOES seem ironic that one would ever need to wait for cancer to grow, but such was my case, and perhaps that is what is going on with you.

I do concur with the first repondent that if you are uncomfortable with the current care you are receiving, if you are, in fact, not CONFIDENT in your care, you should consider seeking new doctors.

Best wishes.

Take care,


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