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va doctors

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Hi, i was wondering if someone could tell me how intense the physical for a claim is, my husband recieved a letter stating that they want him to go to the va doctor and to bring all x rays and such. Well he was diagonised last october with Plasmablastic lymphoma, a form of non- hodgens lymphoma, and we sure do not have all the files. He served in Vietmam between 68-69 and is claiming the cancer came from agent orange, He alreadys recieves 30% for diabeates from agent orange He signed papers that released all information to the va from his doctors, he has been to a regular dr, the cancer doctor,a specialtist in Boston, and now a upcoming consulation with a doctor to do a stem cell transplant. I hate to send him to the va without the proper papers, but how in God's green earth and i suppose to get all that info? Any suggestions for him? Thank you so much

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Hello GabbyM,
I would believe your best bet is to contact the VA medical facility and ask them what specific is needed. Our medical facility allowed me to sign for my medical records and scans. I believe the difficulty will be that your husband may have seen several physicians and probably at different locations.

Since Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a health condition presumptively recognized for service connection due to exposure to Agent Orange, the records will confirm the claim and may expedite its approval. Otherwise, they will either do their own examination or await your permission for the VA to obtain the necessary records. The earlier authorization for release of information was for diabetes.

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Hi Johnny,
Thank you for your response,I guess i was not clear, he has signed all releases for his medical papers for the plasmablastic lymphoma.We were at the cancer doctor yesterday and he said that he does not recall any records being sent to the va, but that he will gladly talk to them if necessary. We have a appiontment to speak to the stem cell transplant doctor next week. I will send him with this updated information and hope for the best. It has been wonderful to read all these comments, it sure lets us know that we are not alone in this journey. May God bless you and keep you strong..

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Hi, I have han no problem with getting all my records to the VA but I do want to reasure you that they will do a wounderful job taking care of your housband, I go to the VA in Florida, and my treatment has been wounderful. The nurses and the doctors alway have time to anwser all my questions, even if I show up without an appointment with questions or med needs.
Good luck to you both
and God bless

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