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I have 2 family members with colon cancer

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My dad died when he was 42, of lymphoma. I was 15 at the time. Last May 14th, my only sibling, my 57 year old brother underwent emergency surgery for a perforated bowel. It was stage 4. He started chemo treatments in June. July 5th, my 80-yr. old mother had a heart attack and had to have stents placed, 3 to be exact. She seemed to be OK and was doing rehab when she started passing out and feeling weak. In Oct. after the dr. had ordered another heart cath, they found her hemoglobin level to be at 7. She had a transfusion and an EGD. They found 8 duodenal ulcers. She is on 3 anticoagulants because of the stent placement. Since then she has had 3 more transfusions and had occult blood in the stool. Because of severe diverticulitis she hadn't had a colonoscopy in 5 years. They tried to check the colon by having her swallow a capsule with a camera in it, but it got stuck. Last Tuesday the doctor performed another EGD and a colonoscopy using a pediatric scope. He found that the ulcers have healed, but he also found a tumor in her colon. He believes it is stage 1 and hasn't metastasized and wanted to do surgery within 2 weeks. But after he had talked with her cardiologist, he does not want to have her off of the anticolagulants for at least a year after the stent placement, which isn't until July. So we are playing the waiting game. I am her caregiver, though she still lives in her own home. She is scheduled to have another transfusion on Thursday. I feel so helpless, with both of them. It is so hard to just watch and not be able to do awhole alot. I have faith in God and so does my mom. Right now I just feel-------Helpless

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It sounds as though your family is going thru a great deal at this time. I'm sure it is a lot for you to handle as well. The people is our lives who care for us are the most important people during this time. It helps to know that someone cares and is there to support us. Love is one the best things in life. The fact that you are there and willing to support them is great. The small things are really important. It isn't how much you do but the fact that you are doing them that counts. A phone call, a visit, a meal provided and shared, any small reminder that you are there for them means more than you know to that person. My children and grandchildren were so supportive and even though they also had their own daily lives to deal with during my ordeal the things they did were appreciated and welcome no matter how small it may have seemed to them. Please know that your love and support are indeed a lot at a time like this.
Hugs and prayers

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So sorry for what you are going through. I will pray for you and your family. Keep the faith.
Prayers and Hugs

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I am keeping you in my heart... my husband died of colon cancer at age 43... Trust in God. Know that people are holding you in their hearts and praying for you - even people who do not know you, or even your name. There is grace to carry you through... Three people who were closer to me than anyone else in my life other than my daughter (mom, best friend, husband) all died in ten years; it was 10 years of cancer endurance, pain and loss. I did most of it without any kind of God in my life at all; you have such a blessing in your faith... If I could take the spirituality I have now back to my life then, I know my experiences (while still difficult) would be very different... Again, you are in my prayers. There is grace.

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