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CAT scan - good

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As I mentioned in a post the other day, they did Dick's pre-chemo, after surgery CAT scan yesterday. We were quite nervous because on the CAT they did the day they found the tumor(1/12/09) , they had not done his lungs. The onc called and said that other than the surgery change (75% of colon gone) everything else looked good... liver, lungs, lymph nodes. So it looks like T3, N2, M0. So, FOLFOX + Erbitux to begin in a week or so.
I know that we will need to get used to this CAT scan thing as they want one every 3 months for the next 2 years. I kept praying to not be anxious but it is hard.
Thanks for your support.

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Yea! Congratulations. Great news. I realize you are (both) still recovering from the surgery and now facing the chemo ahead but what a relief to know there is nothing anywhere else (MO yea yea). Yes, the scans are very anxiety-producing (!) but thank heavens we have them.

Thanks for sharing the great news!


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Hi. From what i see in the posts everyone has this anxiety every time it is time for a test. Me included. It never goes away. You just try to stay positive, keep busy, use positive thinking, use this discussion board for ideas on how others cope. I try to do some things I enjoy when I'm up for testing and waiting for results. I'm waiting for results on PET scan this monday, so I'm with you. Sometimes even playing cards or a game will help, anything you can concentrate on. Wishing you good results! Pam

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How wonderful I'm so glad that Dick got good scan results. That's amazing they called on a Saturday. It's encouraging to hear good news. Best of luck and enjoy your weekend go out for a celebratory dinner.


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