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Scan coming up Monday

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Well its my next 4 month scan on Monday after a clean one. It's so nice to get good news for a Stage 4 guy as I've had both good scans and bad ones. Just "scananxiety" setting in for that long trip to Stanford and the longer wait for results.... Need some prayers if you've got some good ones..
Thanks all

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Im gonna talk with the Man upstairs in a few minutes and I'll put a good word in for ya...He hasn't let me down yet.........You'll do just fine...God Bless ya....

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special thoughts and prayers coming your way; anxiety is the
biggest beast to battle.......

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I'm with you buddy. Just had PET scan today,fri. 20. See onc. Mon. First Pet scan, CT, ultrasound and mammograms showing suspicious several areas. Wishing you the best of luck, and hoping my Pet doesn't light up. I've had a few good years since it all began, hate to think of starting all over again, I think the anxiety is almost as bad as the reality. At least the doc. gave me some anxiety meds, and they do help, I don't take them every day, but when I start to get the shakes or can't sleep, they really help! Good luck Mon. and do what you can to stay calm over the weekend, try to do something you really enjoy. Pam

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I'll be praying for you! I know you must be anxious, but we'll just cover you with prayers.


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I'm praying your scans are clean today.


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Hey, Chip - Hope the scan went well, but most of all sending you good vibes and big prayers for a good result. Let us know when you hear...until then, just know your CSN buddies are keeping up the good wishes for your continued good health.

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Love and prayers to you for great scans!!!!

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Hi Chip,
I also had my scan on Monday and will get the results Thursday. This is my first scan after finishing my treatment and having a liver resection. I am praying for both of us, and everyone else that goes through the ordeal of waiting to hear results of their scans. Best wishes to you.

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