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what and when is the nadir??

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First let me say good luck to everybody waiting today...it's nerve-wracking for sure! A quick question...as I understand it the nadir is the low point in every round of chemo....i assume this must be blood count. Does anyone know when this occurs. For instance on oxy infusion and then 14 days of xeloda I get the next 6 days off. Does anyone know how to calculate the low point of a chemo routine?

and again all best wishes for excellent test results.

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Good question! I believe there is some individual variation. I had some problems with my white blood cells a few years ago. My onc wanted me to take [chemo brain - that injection that boosts WBC -- the one you have every day for x days, rather than the one-off shot that lasts ~ weeks). Anyway, I ended up having my blood checked frequently (ouch) to determine my 'nadir'. Turns out I was a "late dipper" (who knew?!) -- which is one of the reasons I kept flunking the blood test. So I had the shots on the lowest days.....You'll need to ask nurses/docs about this -- this was just my own personal experience.

Tara -- the late dipper (there's gotta be a joke in their somewhere)

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Hi there,

My understanding of Nadir has to do wit fatigue like symptoms. Some people experience others don't. I had a different protocol - 5FU and Leucovorin. I had 5 injections (bolus) for 5 days and then was off for 3 weeks. It was usually at the end of the second week that I started to feel flat. At the end of the 6 month treatment, I found I was experiencing extreme fatigue, but like I said everyone is different in their reactions. Here is hoping you few if little side effects.
Cheers, Lance

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Hi lance...I had that protocol of the 5 day bolus and leucovorin after my initial colon surgery. I too found day 14 pretty low....same reaction as yours. Haven`t been able to track the xeloda-oxy side effects yet.

thanks for your help

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