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A great day

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Being quite new at this cancer "thing" I'm always asking questions and tend to be serious, but today I have to say, "I'm happy". I've been so down for the last few months and I had my second chemo after the port situation was taken care of recently. After this second treatment I only had 1 side effect! Nothing like the first time. I had no cold or tingling in my hands and feet (Oxaliplatin) I could even eat ice cream 2 days after chemo! As careful as I am about mouth care I had 3 sores that were gone in 4 days! I finally went outside and walked for about a 1/2 hour, 2 days in a row. (until it started to rain) I feel like I'm starting to adjust to my situation and becoming more positive about fighting this cancer. My son & I have "mother and son" days, but since I would not go out, he would come over and visit and order pizza. This time I ate the pizza too.(and some chocolate) I'm thankful for this good time...I hope it lasts and the side effects stay minimal. I thank all of you for your understanding, hope and kindness.

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I'm really glad your "getting happy" again. It took me a really long time to get to that point. It's funny, I started out a stage 3 and I was all gloom and doom, and now, being a stage 4, I actually feel better. I've decided to give my situation up to God and begin living my life again (it's still pretty scary sometimes, though).

Keep being happy!

Hugs and Hope,

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It is good to hear you are feeling good and beginning to enjoy things again! take that power away from the little c and give it to the big C as someone else said on this board! Enjoy the time with your son and so glad to hear you were able to eat ICE CREAM! Life is always better with a little ice cream and CHOCOLATE! :)

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That's excellent that you are feeling better this next go round, Jenben! You see, there is really no reason for you to have to suffer while doing the chemo treatments. Medicine has come a long long way since the days, even a short 10 years ago, when there were horror stories about cancer and chemotherapy. Those horror stories, for some reason, stay in our subconscious and we expect the worst.. hence, sometimes we get what we expect if we dwell on it too long. Nowadays, they have a solution for practically every side affect that you can get... the trick is to get the med in before the side affect takes over. All the more reason it's so important to tell your onc any possible side affect you are experiencing... so they can nip it in the bud.

Mind you, each time you are hooked up to the chemo pump, the imagination takes over and it can be scary.

But now that you've experienced a chemo round where you actually did just fine, you now know that is what you can expect from here on in :)

I'm so happy for you!!



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I know at my lowest, if I could get outside and just feel the air (it was Nov-Jan so it was cold most of the time!) I felt better and less 'sick.' Having my grandsons visit was a big booster as well.

Hang in there!! Vicki

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I agree with you, Vicki! Even when I was bald, I would go out on my back deck and get a tan on my head! The added advantage was my behind neighbors didn't realize I was in treatment and promptly sent over some very yummy food! Same for walking in the neighborhood! People can be very nice and appreciate opportunities to help.

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I have had 5 FOLFOX treatments so far and while I know they are not easy for everyone they were a breeze for me. The only side effect I had was the cold sensitivity but that didn't stop me from doing much (other than drinking the cold liquids...).

I am glad to hear you are also having an easy go of it!

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I haven't really let any of the treatments stop me from doing anything I wanted to do, but I have had a little of every side effect imaginable, but all were tolerable. After number 6 today tho, I feel a bit more tired than I have, but I should be back to whatever "normal" is Saturday, and maybe will get that oreo blizzard.....never was much on ice cream until ya can't have it! ok - nap time.

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