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Urgent question about PET Scan Results

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Diagnosed Stage II in October 06, immediate surgery followed by 28 radiation treatments and 12 chemo treatments. Small bowel blockage one year later at site of original surgery. 3rd resection in December 2007 with temp ileostomy. Ileostomy "Max" reworked in Feb 08 and reversed in March 08 with Port removed. Three PET scans since, all three have lit up at the port site as well as the ostomy site. Each time, the area has been larger. With this last scan, my Oncologist said that it was imperative that I have a ultrasound of left chest and breast due to avid soft tissue density as well as a mammagram of both breasts. I also have to see my surgeon and gastrologist. She did not give any indication as to why but you could see "concern" written all over her face. I see the surgeon this afteroon, breast ultrasound and mammagram not until the 27th and I haven't heard from gastrologist. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Until something else is or isn't determined lets say its scar tissue from previous surgeries and thats not to say thats not what it may really be. It seems that a lot of us in here that had Pet Scans show scar tissue as potential sites, when all it was was scar tissue that actually lights up like cancer cells do.....Good Luck and God Bless......

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Have learned that PET Scans light up just about everything......including
inflammation and infection areas.....so I agree, don't be concerned about
it until it is diagnosed.....your oncologist is playing it safe......I
know my PETs light up my torn rotator cuff area as well.....

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After my hemi-colectomy I suffered a pretty serious wound infection. I had wet to dry dressings and then wore a wound VAC for almost a month. The incision closed and thanks god for my wife who (is a nurse) and nursed my wound two to three times daily. I tell her all the time I would not have made that course without her. She is my strength. I don't think I am as strong as she is, but in a pinch the real stuff comes to the surface. My Oncologist ordered a PET when I still had a dressing on the healing site. The PET technician did not take a history to know it was there. It lit up like my peritoneum was Metastatic, I also was suffering alot of skin breakdown, ingrown hair type inflammation all the time under tape and wound VAC. My Oncologist reading the results said I don't know if I can trust this, you look great and at that time I really had almost know pain. I have continued my therapy with this haunting result but I know its scars and inflammation, thats my belief. I have read alot of articles and PET is not an exacting science. False positives from inflammation and infection or just healing are common. I know the feeling, I am betting its inflammation, healing and you name it, but i think if my Peritoneum were riddled, I would be hurting by now. I feel better all the time, except for this chemo, but that's temporary. I think your results will likewise be skewed by all the trauma we have endured, this I believe.

Hang in there, I will too.


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