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Hodgkins Lymphoma 21 years old

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Hi, my name is Whitney Colwell and in Feb. 2008 I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2. I was 20 years old and in March I turned 21. I thought my life was over because no one inm y family had ever had cancer so I had never dealt with it. I started chemo and completed 8 of them. I then had to do 17 radiation treatments. My last doctors appt was in October and I received good news. I actually go back to the doctor here soon to here the results of my cat scan. I am so nervous. I got through this with hope, I never gave up. I was too young to let something destroy me. So I held my head high and kept on smiling. I had to keep a positve mind during all of this. I had wonderful family and friends by my side. Without God I would have never made it. Prayers mean everything. Everyone who is fighting hard for their life keep your head high and never give up. Anyone who needs to talk I am hear to listen.

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Hi Whitney,
Hang in there. I am a 20 year survivor of Hodgkins. Had chemo and radiation and was also stage two. I wish you well and you will do fine.

Cheers, Lance

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I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that my scans and blood work was perfect. I am so Happy and I think God for that. Yayyyyy!!!!!

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Hi Whitney, I am a 3yr. hodgkins lymphoma survivor. I was also stage 2 and had 12 chemo(ABVD) and 20 radiation treatments. I was diagnosed Jan 2006 in my 46th yr. It has been three yrs. now and everything is fine with me. I see my oncologist every 4 months now. This has changed my life I am staying strong & positive. Wishing you all the best, Kevin.

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Hi Whitney Colwell

Hodgkins Lymphoma is also caught me in july08.After complete my 4Cycles of chemo my reports also clear by the grace of GOD.
But Doctor prefer me 2more cycles of chemo to take.Now i take 1and half cycle of chemo only half DOSE left now...what you think i sould want to take or not.
Because i am disapointed from doctor they said there is no guarantee after 6cycles of chemo May be Hodgkins Lymphoma gunarate again.
So i decide i left last half DOSE?What you think about my deceasion?

Waiting for your quick and prompt reply


baby girl
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My dad has hodgkins lymphoma stage 4 we just found out so glad to hear you had good luck hope you get a good report my prayers are with you

baby girl
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You have such a great out look my prayers are with you

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Whitney your spirit is so uplifing and inspiring, I just turned 25 and am currently going through chemo ABVD I know I still have a long road ahead but with a positive mindset and God on your side nothing is impossible. Thank you for sharing I hope you know what a strong and inspirational young woman you are.

- Joleen

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Fantastic news Whitney. And may all the test you may have to have come out that great. Keep up the good attitude and faith
Prayers and Hugs

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Hi, I am 38 and was diagnosed Oct. 2008 with Hodgkins Stage 3BS, I just finished cycle 5 out of 6 (ABVD). I was in remission after completion of cycle 3. I am so glad you are getting good news. I had never dealt with cancer either and you always think it will not happen to you but I feel stronger despite chemo that this was a trial for me and God had helped me come through this and now I can conquer anything.

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