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Toricel - side effects

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I have been on Toricel quite awhile and have many
good things to say about it - mostly because for me it is
working. My question is about side -effects (hey if its got them-
I get them) My major ones now are diabetes, swelling, and minor skin rash
(you can throw in fatigue but not much you can do there) I am currently on
insuline (24 hour and bolus after meals), lasix & potassium , and topically applied
clndamycine for the respective problems. I am just curious how other oncologist are
dealing with these side effects for this drug?

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Yep, I have all the side effect too. I also have nausea, my fingernails have broken off and won't grow. Sometimes I get diahrrea with nausea not to mention the sores in my mouth. The dry skin makes me itch like I have posion ivy! But, I'm hanging in there! God has bless me. I was diagnosed with renal cancer in 2007, and they didn't give me chemo so the cancer spread to my hip bone, my brain, my lung, and my buttocks. What we go through, is quite a trail...I wish you the best, and, just, hang in there. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you I'm diabetic also that came after I had a heart transplant in 2002.

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Don't know if this will help or if your dr. has already prescribed it, but Don got relief from the mouth sores with something called Magic Mouth Rinse. The directions say to rinse and spit it out, but the dr. told him to rinse and then swallow a little of it to help the sores in his throat.

He also uses non-alcoholic mouth rinse (Bio-tene or whatever you can get -- it's over the counter) and the non-alcoholic toothpaste.

YOu might also go to the natural health food store and ask for glutamine. I could only get it in a powder and I simply mixed it up with water in a strong concentration and he used it as a rinse.

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missconnie~ I have the same side effect as you. May I ask you, is your hair falling out? My head itches like I have bugs up there. My skin does too, I have these big bumps that come up on my neck too. I have been a diabetic sense 2006. My kidney was removed this past May.I'm going to a new pc dr. this friday hope he can help get my blood sugar under control, I watch what I eat so I think it is the treatments that keep it high...

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