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Question about pain after radiation treatments.

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Hello - For all of you that went through radiation treatments, how long was there pain after you were done with the treatments? My last radiation treatment was Jan 26, 09. Almost 3 weeks ago and I still have pain with bowel movements, and then a bit achy afterwards. (However, NOT like what it used to be.) I still take a pain pill usually after. But I would have thought it would be gone by now? Or is this normal? I had 28 sessions of radiation and got pretty sore through that.

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This is normal. I had burns and pain problems for at least 4 weeks. The doctor waited 5 weeks to do the surgery, to be sure the effects were finished and the tumor had a chance to shrink as much as possible. Remember, the radiation continues AFTER the treatment stops. My doctor explained it's like a microwave. You put that potato in, but when you take it out, the potato is still cooking for a while.

Try sitz baths with Milk of Magnesia in it. My radiation techs suggested this, and it really is soothing.

Good luck!


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really? I thought I saw you mention that on another post so I will try that. I am meeting with the surgean next Thursay and I keep thinking there is no way she can do an exam at this point! But that makes me feel better that it takes awhile to feel better. Ugh!

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Never thought of milk of magnesia. I am going to go buy some tonight. My BM feels like razor blades coming out every which way so anything to help sooth that in a sitz bath would be a welcome relief. I would hate to be constipated at this time - I have to count to 10 - yikes. Thank you for the suggestion. Kim

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I'm afraid that, for me, this is one of those things like childbirth -- my memory has blessedly blocked out some of the details! But I think my pain lasted about 4-6 weeks afterwards. So I would guess this normal. Do discuss with your doctor/medical team if you feel it isn't. This may sound crazy but are you able to walk/do some exercise? I found that helped -- ironically -- I think some physical exercise may just help overall with healing. Good luck!


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Hello! I remember having a lot of difficulty going to the bathroom even after the radiation treatments were finished, and the docs all said my tumor had shrunk dramatically. I have a lot of scar tissue where they resectioned me, and my surgeon is saying it's from the radiation. I've been on an ostomy ever since surgery, and now my colon has constricted...again because of the radiation. The constriction isn't common, but i've heard many people say they have a lot of scarring from radiation.

I'm sure most of the pain will go away after your resection. I sure hope it does. Radiation has done a serious number on me, but i think for the most part, people recover from it.

Much luck, and many hugs!

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I am 3 months out now from radiation and i still have excruciating pain when going. Every time. I had to get some special rectal pain compound made up for me for the throbbing aching pain, but it is so much like razor blades now that i can't even get it in. I am getting to the point now i wonder if i am going to need surgery. i had horrible constipation during radiation not diarrhea like most people get, so ended up with a fissure or a major hemorrhoid or something I am still not sure what.. it hurts too bad to let anyone look. All i can tell you is i am sure i am the exception.. and your pain will likely go away soon..but if you will be starting chemo soon..it does tend to constipate people really good the first few days.. make sure you are prepared for that or diarrhea..because both can wreck havoc on your poor body and lead to problems like mone. Good luck.. Hopefully your female areas are healing well.. definitely several of us have had some issues there as well..

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I remember the razor blade like pain indeed. My radiologist prescribed hydrocortisone tablets which have to be inserted from my behind. It didn't take away all the pain but it did help reduce inflammation and reduce the intensity of the pain. It does get better eventually though. Good luck!

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