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pancretic cancer

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Hello I'm new to this is there anyone who has pancretic cancer?

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my husband has pancreas cancer (with mets ),that spread to the live and now his lungs he has a very slow growning cancer call neuroendcrine tumors dx 9/7/07. he is very healthy and strong , u wouldnot beleive he has so much going on , he has even gain weight,this was his third cancer he was also dx with variant hairy cell Leukima / lymphoma he is in remission for vhcll. he had the neuroendine tumor remove from his pancreas 11/1/07 but it was to late it had spread,now waiting for the tumors to get big enough to treat, good luck

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Hi Toni, I am also new to pancreatic cancer. I had the Whipple Procedure on January 28, 2009. How about you - have you had surgery? My cancer is stage three and I am now going through chemo - gemzar, not too bad. Please tell me about you - how are you doing? How are you doing with eating? I have an issue with food and chewing. Write soon, Nan

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Hi, my aunt has pancreas cancer stage4, diognosed 1 month ago, w/ mets. Next monday will be the first chemo section, but above all the most concerning to us is the state of mind of my aunt, because it´s what will guide all the course of her life. we now that is dificult to walk trhough these days but all the time we stay together to add something good and share some good feelings. obviously the chemo has some side efects but we already have talked about it and our objective is to suport her during all the moments.

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How are you today? My husband had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on june 10. He got whipple on june 13. Not yet undergone chemo and radio. Can you share your experience with this disease?

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