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Metastatic Cancer w Unknown Primary

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My Husband was diagnoised with metastatic cancer w an unkown Primary in Aug 08
He is a 30 year survior of Hodgkins diease this was not something we were expecting

The cancer it self is located in the t4 virtabor femor and liver
He underwent 2 Chemo infusions of carboplate & taxil his Doctor at Fox Chase after a MRI
felt that the bone cancers had stayed the same and changed Chemo to Nexavar He has been taking this for 5 months with 2 MRIs some liver tumors are shrinking and the bone has stayed the same he also takes zometa 1 a month

eating is a problem they have given appetite stimulants he just doesn't want to eat He has lost 40 lbs all the protein drinks Boost etc make him sick to his stomach which he doesn't need He is depressed and has started Zoloft

I guess I just neede to tell some one we have been married 30 years high school sweet hearts

I f anyone has any ideas how to get him to eat so he can get som stenght back

I can get him to eat toast sometimes cereal anything else just maybe a bit or he just refuses

Thanks for listening

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Are you currently living in a state with legal medicinal marijuana use? My husband died of gastric cancer, and while he was battling this disease (one of the worst for nauseau,vomiting...he had his entire stomache removed) he used marijuana to stimulate his appetite and ease the nausea. Also there are marinol pills (marijuana pills) but they don't work as good as smoking it. I am not a pothead, but when it comes to what works and what doesn't...I can assure you it brought us some results.

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Hi Nancy,

I hear you. I don't want to make little of your situation, but I do want to say how glad I am that you have had these 30 years with your high school sweetheart. How lucky you are. Applesauce seems to stay down for me, but I'm not in chemo, yet, so I don't know how helpful that is to you. Feel free to drop me a line!


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Hi Nancy,

My husband has liver cancer mestatis from the gallbladder & is also having problems eating.
He is never hungry (due to his enlarged liver pressing on his stomach & making him feel full), has lost 30 lbs & has been very weak & lethargic as result.

His doctor prescribed MEGESTROL 20 MG ORAL TAB to help stimulate his appetite & it seems to help. He also precribed Prylosec for the stomach pain & queasiness he sometimes feels.

I can only get my husband to eat small amounts of food at a time & I have to be very pushy about it but it's the only way he can get his strenght & weight up. So be pushy.

I hope this helps.
Prayers and well wishes to you and your husband.


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I am so glad that you mentioned having to be pushy re: getting your hubby to eat. I feel like such a nag trying to get Duane to eat anything. Intellectually, he gets it; but the CA/liver mets are causing him to want to sleep all day not want to eat at all.

(We were married on April 4, 2009 -- he was diagnosed on April 9th. This is a nightmare. Will someone please wake me up so we can go back to a normal life?!)
Take care,
Lori in San Diego

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Have you tried juicing? Cabbage, carrots, Jackfruit, etc Visit the website: www.healingcancernaturally.com and see if there is anything you can get from it.

I found out on Monday June 15th that my breast cancer has spread to my liver. I'm headed to MD Anderson for treatment. I really don't want to go through this again but reading all the posts from others is giving me strength.

Let your husband know that he is strong and able to get through this. Picture his good cells as mini Sampsons (like the one in the bible) and push down and destroy those funky cancer cells! Provide his body with raw and whole foods and just pray and pray and thank the Lord for His blessings. Everytime he doesn't want to eat, pray for someone else who is struggling/enduring the same problem.

Remember give him the foods that will help his mini Sampson cells do their job. Be blessed... Ellen Elaine

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