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5 year colonoscopy all clear AND easiest prep every: Miralax!

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Hi all, I just completed my 5 year post surgery colonoscopy, and they found nothing! I have not had even a polyp since my first small, cancerous polyp on my baseline colonscopy 12/03. I did have stage 3, one positive node and 6 months 5FU and leuco. I have been NED since surgery, and want to encourage all of you here still in the fight to hang in there and continue to help each other through.
I am also really unable to tolerate most preps, not phospho soda (my doc no longer uses it) not Go-Litely (who named it THAT?), not citrate of magnesia. Something about the electrolyte contents just about turns my gut inside out....I lose them all pretty quickly from both ends (and foam through my nose, nice!), had to postpone some scopes, needed IV fluids, etc, etc, My doc prescribed a Miralax prep: low residue diet for 2 days prior, 1 day of clear liquids, then 4 dulcolax tablets, followed by Miralax, which I use daily for my sluggish bowel anyway. The prep is 64 ounces of my choice of fluid (diluted crystal blue gator ade) and about 300 grams of the odorless, tasteless powder. No problems at all; even the bowel evacuation is far gentler. For anyone with prep problems (you know who you are!), ask about the Miralax prep. Don't know why it isn't the new standard?
Best of luck, Judy

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I'm so happy about your NED status! Lovely! And I will certainly ask about the Miralax prep when I have my next colonoscopy. I, too, take Miralax every day, so I know I tolerate it very well. I would LOVE to do that instead of the dreaded GoLytely (right!).


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I have used the Miralax prep before each of my three colonoscopies. I highly recommend it.

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that was my last prep and it certainly wasn't bad. The only problem I had was the sheer volume of liquids that was required, but it didn't taste as bad as the phospho-soda. I liked the pills, but my gastro wasn't doing that prep, so it was Miralax. It's the same stuff you take if you take it daily, just lots more of it! 238g mixed with the 64oz of whatever fluid you want, if I remember correctly.

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I'm doing a happy dance for you. Will be 2 years the 19th of this month since I had my resection. I am cancer free. I will never forget the taste of phosphosoda. I starting to eat very light 2 days before the prep. Did you have a problem with soreness from the prep? I take lomotil everyday to slow things down. Otherwise I'm in the bathroom so frequent and have alot of soreness. When will you have to have your next colonoscopy? God bless

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You sound very similar to me. Stage 3, 2 nodes with the same chemo. I am only two years out and your note gives me hope.

All the best, Lance

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My problem tends to be constipation; my resection was only 12 cm in, so my rectum has been affected and apparantly doesn't empty well without daily Miralax. this prep was very gentle; without that "spewing acid" feeling with each movement. My next colonscopy will be in 2 years. Judy

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I love stories like this especially since i am also stage III with 1 node. 5 years with not even a polyp is just so wonderful! Good for you!! Must be a fantastic feeling. i am curious if you did anything special to help avoid recurrence like diet changes or anything?

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My now 21 year old son has been vegetarian and very food conscious for the last 10 years. I had always thought we were somewhat mindful about nutrition, but since diagnosis I pretty much avoid all red meat (really eat just chicken and fish) and focus on "whole foods" that I prepare myself....avoiding as much as possible the prepared, processed or fast foods, like frozen dinners, deli meats, all processed packaged stuff (tuna helper and the like!)with multiple preservatives. If I can't pronounce all the ingredients at the end of list, I try to avoid it! I had been exercising very regularly, both muscle conditioning and aerobic, but now have a pinched nerve in my neck due to a bulging disc, which has put a damper on physical exertion :( My onc says weight gain has been found to be a correlated factor, so trying to not gain seems important, too. I must say I have NOT given up my chocolate treat and glass of wine daily, however!
Best of luck to you; this has been quite an experience; I continue to be amazed at the strength of folks who are in this fight. Judy

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Hi Bev, good to hear from you; I had an enlarged thyroid (multiple nodules) that I had totally removed just a few weeks after I completed chemo. I am fine on thyroid replacement. Hope they get you diagnosed and treated in short order. I would insist on the Miralax prep; I don't know how tiny ladies like you can tolerate all the fluid loss fron the others.
All the best, Judy

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Congratulations on reaching such a milestone. I hope you go out and celebrate.

My hubby had his first scope and used the pill prep. It worked well for him.

I am glad that the miralax worked for you.


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