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I have a question maybe someone can help. It may sound strange but ..I have been a registered organ donor for years God forbid something ever happened to me, but i would like to do more if i could while i am healthy and can give to others if needed. How do you register to be a bone marrow transplant donor or any other donor, even blood for free. I once tried at marrow.org (ithink) but it was going to cost me $$ to sign up to give to others. IS that how it works? If im willing to give me up why do i have to pay? I have given to the red cross but i wanted to sign up for marrows or anything else i may. I am a very healthy lady and if i could help others i want to do what i can..
Lets say i have a kind heart and want to do for others always. :)

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It is just like you Tracy to always think of others ahead of your self. I suggest you contact your Local Red Cross. They will help you with that kind of thing for free . You should not have to pay anyone to help other people in need. They have a lot of Blood Drives all of the time. They use 38,000 pints of Blood in this Country every Day and less than 10% of our population give Blood. You never know when your Blood will be used to save a life. Go for it.
Take Care and Stay Healthy
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This may be your answer!

"Understanding Your Commitment
When you join the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Registry, you give hope to patients everywhere.

Joining the NMDP Registry is an opportunity to share life with someone in need. It is also a commitment. When you join our Registry, it is important you understand what to expect so you feel comfortable about your decision.
On this page:

* Consider your decision
* Stay involved after you join

Consider your decision
Discuss your decision with your family or friends when you join the NMDP Registry. You may need their support if you are ever contacted as a match.

You are never under any legal obligation to donate. However, a late decision to not donate can be life-threatening to a patient. Please think seriously about your commitment before joining the NMDP Registry.
Get the facts

* FAQs about Joining the Registry — answers to common questions about the cost to join, your commitment and more
* Medical Guidelines — health conditions that may affect your eligibility to join
* Myths & Facts about Bone Marrow Donation — the truth about common misunderstandings
* Steps of Bone Marrow & PBSC Donation — an overview of the donation process

If you still have questions, call us at 1 (800) MARROW-2 (1-800-627-7692) or contact your local donor center."


It was actually founded under the auspices of the United States Navy by Admiral Zumwalt after his son acquired "Agent Orange" induced Hodgkins Disease AND Lymphoma following his service in Vietnam.

Love and Courage!


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thanks rick for the info thats the sight that wanted me to pay $52.00 to join the program there must be some out there that you dont have to pay out of your pcoket to help others.

IM just saying im willing to give and chance my life to give to others in need why should i pay them money to test my tissue. So i was looking for other programs if available out there.

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