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Well, here's some very interesting information! I think this drug is still relatively new and not finished its trials yet... at least, not from what I've found on it. But I haven't been able to do a whole bunch of research yet.

This drug, when combined with 5FU appears to have good results without the side affects of drugs like Oxaliplatin. Here is an article (May 2008) on a trial that was done on end-stage cancer patients, so the reason I include it is just to show they have started human trials on this drug:


Meanwhile... this video clip was put up on YouTube back in January 2007... and if this drug works the way it is shown to work in this video, then I think there is a lot of hope for the future:


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    Yes, this drug does show great promise! I am always looking at trial info because I'm almost out of chemo options and seem to be chemo resistant. Davanat 1 is in clinical trials (including the cancer center I get treatment at) but it is in Phase II at this point and only for first line treatments. It is however, being administered under Compassionate Care for CRC. Very interesting.....