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When I got my diagnosis and found out I would need chemo and radiation treatments, the nurse gave me multiple booklets and printed information. She suggested that I register with the American Cancer Society. She said they would send me information in the mail. I called the number the nurse gave me. The American Cancer Society was so helpful. They signed me up for the "Look Good, Feel Good" Program. This is a free program to learn how to put on make-up and ties scarves, turbans and wig care. I understand they give you make-up to take home, also. This is a free program. They also informed me of Gift Closet in the area that has wigs, and hats free of charge.
I got a packet of information in the mail from the American Cancer Society which is a Personal Health Manager to help organize health care information. It also included many helpful booklets about nutrition, talking with your doctor, coping, what is cancer, and listen with your heart. The American Cancer Society has numerous booklets on many topics available. Another book the nurse gsave me was "Sexuality and Cancer, for Women who has cancer and her Partner".
Another site I have found is Cancer Club. I was familiar with this site when my brother had cancer. I found some inspirational and humor books. It is site founded by Christine Clifford who is a breast cancer survivor. She found a way to incorporate humor into her situation. One of her books she has available for purchase is "Not Today, I'm Having a No Hair Day'. It has many cartoons in the book. The doctor had this book in his office. Christine also has a monthly newsletter which seems to offer tips of many kinds.
Another site is "Heavenly Hats" which donates new hats to people who have hair loss due to medical conditions. I received my box of four fun hats the other day, and it was fun to recieve them.
The National Cancer Institute is another site that offers many educational booklets. The nurse gave me "Chemotherapy and You", "Radiation Therapy and You"; "Eating Hints for Cancer Patients." They have many more topics available.
Chemocare is another excellent site( which Marge listed on the other site). It lists all kinds of topics including side effects of chemo.
ChemoAngels is site you can register for extra support as you are going through treatment.
Some books you might want to check out are "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" by Kris Carr. She is a cancer survivor and used humor in the book. She also has a DVD with the same title that is available through Blockbuster. "Praying Through Cancer, Set Your Heart Free From Fear" by Susan Sorenson/Laura Geist. A 90 day devotional for Women was given to me before my surgery.
"Becoming a Better You" by Joel Osteen has also been a positive book.
Your hospital or cancer treatment center may have a patient education area also, and can assist you with needed information. Theinfusion center I go to has a lending library, also.

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I too read Crazy sexy cancer tips and loved it! I also read "Praying through Cancer and I have to say it's one of my daily go-to books. Even though I finished chemo in June i have had many recurrence scares. Currently we are "watching" a small node in my chest. There are many issues that surface at survivorhood and I keep referring to that book to get me through. I heard Kris Carr has a new Crazy Sexy book out. I'll let you know after I read it! Keep the faith! Big Hugs. kelly
P.S. A very good book on the nuts and bolts of GYN cancers is The Mayo Clinic guide to women's cancers.

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I'm another fan of "Crazy Sexy Cancer." Another book I go to frequently is "Kitchen Table Wisdom- Stories That Heal" by Rachel Naomi Remen .It is a gem. Written by a doctor (who has a life threatening illness) and is the cofounder of the Commonwealth Cancer Help Program. It is a beautiful wise book about healing and living.

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Did not enjoy the DVD as much as the book. I thought there was a lot of discouraging information in the DVD. I watched it with my husband and it was not very uplifting. I did check out the Mayo GYN cancer book and did find helpful information in it. But with the copywrite date I am sure there is more current information (and more postive) available.

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some very good references sites

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