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NSCLC Brain Metastasis

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My day was spent online researching the subject of brain metastasis and now ends with my posting to this board - so lucky to have found it!

In May 2008, my sister started chemo treatment for NSCLC. She missed four full doses of treatment because of low blood count. In January 2009 her oncologist started her on a new regimen. In February her lung tumor became more dense. Other symptoms prompted an MRI. The image showed multiple brain metastases. This Monday she is due to start 17 daily 15-minute sessions of radiation: 14 WBRT treatments the final three SRS. I know that treatments are specific to each patient but I'm wondering if anyone has information to share on recent radiation treatments? Following radiation treatment, her oncologist will place her on a more aggressive chemo treatment (drug type has not yet been determined). Also wondering about how the delay in chemo in order to begin radiation will affect her?

The family so hopes for the best and that is our usual direction of thought.

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Thai, I wish I had some answers or at least some expectations for you and your sister, but I do not. However, I would suggest that you repost this in the Brain Cancer board, where it might receive some additional exposure from those with some experience in that area.

Best wishes to you and your sister.

Take care,


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I appreciate and will follow through on your suggestion.

Thank you for (all of) your post(s)!


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