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Taking care after chemo is finished

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Hi All - I finished chemo in August. Are there any vitamins or supplements or whatever that we should take after chemo is completed (besides eating right?)? This would include chemo brain, fatigue etc. Also, how much do you all exercise? I work full time with 2 teenage girls. I would like to exercise more, but not enough energy to do everything. It's hard to get back into shape.

Thanks for your ideas - mkkuehn

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I am 3 treatments away from finishing...I have been cutting limbs from the storm here in Ky and about an hour and Im tired but each day is getting better...I normally am just walking to try to stay in somewhat shape cardiovascularly but my eating habits are a bit to say the least awkward. I eat everything I want...I am 6'1" and weigh 198 so I guess my metabolism keeps my weight ok...but mainly I walk at a brisk rate for 30 minutes a day.....

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