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Which UPSC Sisters haven't found us yet in our new site location?

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Who is still among the missing of the UPSC Sisters? Do any of you have email addresses so that we can let any of the others who haven't posted yet here, know where we are? I wish they'd fix the 'email notification' feature since that would give them the link automatically.

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Hey, I know how it feels to be lost in the chatter. I found another post of yours. Continue going down on the posts til you come to one that begins, Can we do a ROLL CALL. I saw that you posted there a few days back.

A hearty and solemn welcome to you. Hope things you find out here and suggestions of things you might want clarified by your care provider, help you in getting the very best care possible.

Love, hope and health to us all,


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I am looking for the location for the USPC boards. thanks so much

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I am newly diagnosed with UPSC. Yesterday. I would love to join this group but am not sure how to do so. Please help me if you can. Thank you

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Welcome, PHK195. You've posted here so you've already joined the CSN boards!  I'm sorry that you have had to find us, but there is a lot of information and support here.  

First of all, you might want to start a new thread, since this one is old and long.  To do that, once you find the Uterine Cancer board under Cancer Specific discussion boards, you will see a line under the heading "Uterine Cancer" that says "Post New Forum Topic."  Click there and introduce yourself.  Right after diagnosis is in some ways the hardest and scariest time.  We've all been there and understand.  Please feel free to ask questions, vent, scream, be frustrated and whatever you're feeling is free to be expressed here.




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