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Bowel Preps before Robotic Prostatectomy?

Green Lantern
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I just got a letter from my surgeon's office with instructions for a bowel cleansing prior to my robotic prostatectomy. It seems very similar to the prep that I had for a colonoscopy a few years ago, and that was awful!

Has anyone else, who has already gone through a robotic prostatectomy, had to do this bowel cleansing as well? Is it necessary? (If I can avoid it, I'd sure like to!)


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Buy the stuff, drink and and enjoy just like the thousands of us who've had the pleasure of having their turn on the throne. Take a book.

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JUST did it. It was not the "golightly", it was magnesium citrate, over the counter and cheap at Walmart. I waited too long to drink it. I started at 5 pm the day before my 8 am surgery. it is a lot more gentle than the golightly, but still makes it all liquid. if I had to do it over, I would have started around noon. You definitely must do it, the digestive tract gets hammered by the procedure and you really want to start out empty. One comrad was telling me he ate a nice full meal upon getting home because he was so hungry. He then had to "pass rocks" later which was "worse than childbirth" painful. I have tried to keep things soft and have struggled with gas, pushing, and all that. I am trying to start back eating by eating light and fluffy foods. Chicken soup from costco is great. Best wishes for a perfect procedure and the best outcome.

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Yea, not a pleasurable evening for sure, but is an important part of the preparation.
The prostate is essentially being removed from a protective sac that is nestled adjacent to the bladder and rectum. If there are any problems during surgery with the rectum wall, it is very important that any fecal matter in your colon/rectum is not present.
Make sure you have some gentle wipes, super soft toilet paper and a movie.
I was told to be on total liquid diet for 30 hrs before surgery.
Broth, jello, tea, water was all I could 'eat'. Difficult day for sure, but an important part of the preparation.
Be sure to follow the directions.
Some also require a fleet enema the evening before the surgery.
By then, your arse has become very irritated and a fleet enema of saline solution is the last thing you want to perform. Bite your lip and do it. It's necessary.
I didn't completely and they almost canceled my surgery.

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I was told just to stay on a liquid diet the entire day before surgery and to use the enema the night before.

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My instructions were to take the mag citrate and use Fleets the morning of the surgery. Don't wait to take the mag citrate. Leave yourself plenty of time for it to work. I started at 3pm the day before with the mag citrate and was still going right up to the time they took me back to get "gowned up"........ It turned out OK, but I cut it a little too close.

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