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Traveling during chemo treatments...

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My kids have always wanted to see where I grew up in New York, and I feel now since I'm going to be going through the chemo, I'd like to try and get up there and have them meet their little cousins that they've never met before, (I am close to my first cousins) but if I start chemo, does this make it impossible to travel or be around people? I'm supposed to do it every other Monday, but don't want to go to NY yet until almost Christmas when its so pretty and decorated, I just don't know how sick chemo will leave me to even want to travel, I just feel like I want to do it before anything happens, if you know what I mean..maybe I'm jumping the gun, but my cousin said we would all be able to stay with her, and I'd love to take in a Broadway show soon...is chemo going to debilitate me where I should keep my travel plans at bay for awhile??

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Cancer doesn't have control over your life, you do. Its just an inconvenience is all. Plan and do everything you want to do and just work it around your treatments. Leave on a Thursday after the removal of the 5fu and you don't have to come back til the following treatment unless they check your cbc's (combined blood counts)every off week. Don't let it slow you down. If nausea hits the "Emend" for me is the big dog of nausea meds. Just maybe wash hands a little more and try to stay away from sick people as much as possible , but if you can't they can take care of that also......Enjoy your life, you plan it, don't let it plan you............ God Bless ya sweetie.......

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Hey Donna... didn't you say you'd like to go there around Christmas when it's all lit up, etc? You will be finished your chemo by next December so I don't think this will be an issue at all :)

If you do want to travel while on Chemo... just let your oncologist know in advance and I bet they can work the treatments around you, or even change them for a short period of time (IE: give you oral chemo and then back to the normal routine when you get home).

As for how will you be feeling and can you travel. Well, everyone is different and has different experiences. But, if your experiences are anything like mine, then you will be fine to travel. You might find you have to have an afternoon nap and not be on the go 24/7 while you are there, but you definitely should have enough energy to travel and visit assuming you don't have any major side affect, etc.



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I went to Holland during my chemo treatments...flew after the 2nd day, just to avoid the 'whammy' from the infusion...

I took my mask, and made sure that the people around me knew why I was wearing it.

It was more tiring, I must admit, but it's doable. Can you get a ticket that has a clause for medical deferral? Most tickets, even the cheap ones, have this...

Hugs, Kathi

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I decided to travel. After I had finished 5 1/2 wekks of chemo and radiation, I had 2 weeks off before they started the 6 months of chemo. we went to Branson for 5 days. I'm so glad I did. Take all your meds with you, each day do only as much as your feel like doing. The change of scenery and the shows will perk you up. The music shows at Branson made me feel good. We even went out on a ski boat for 2 hours, which was absolute heaven. I found that keeping a small piece of spearment gum in my mouth really curbed the nausea. God bless.

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I have a meeting Dallas for work that I will be traveling too. I will rest up, pace myself and take it easy. I have told my boss that I can go but also told her, that is unless I have a setback that I am unaware of.

I agree with Buzzard, we have to not let the cancer define us, so much as we take some control of the time we are not in the infusion chair. Have some fun, pace yourself, the trip sounds like a great idea, and your kids seeing the relatives will have a great impact on them and you, its obviously important to you. I would try to do it.

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Charles (my hubby), is a professor, and is scheduled to give a lecture in Louisiana in March (we're in ATL). So far, we think he will be able to go. I know he will be fatigued but other than that I think he'll do okay.

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I agree with an earlier psoter. If you've waiting until Christmas it shouldn'be be an issue. You may still tire more easliy than before chemo, but staying with family should make that easy. If you want to go while on chmo, talk to your oncologist. Make sure you're as healthy as you can be before you go and try to minimize germ exposure. I use the antibactieral hand wash since so many bathrooms have only cold water. Cold water and oxaliplatin don't mix!

I want to go to New York this Christmas as well. My husband was born there and I'd love to see it all done up for Christmas. It sounds like so much fun!

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My husband has chemo every other Wednesday through Friday. He has not let this stop him from travelling. We actually just got back from a skiing trip in New Hampshire - he did great. We live in NJ so it is a 9 hour drive for us and he drove both ways there and back, we went skiing, hiking on Mount Washington, horse drawn sleigh rides and snowmobiling. We had a great time. Saturday's are usually the day he is sleepy and Sunday is used to regain his strength and Monday it's back to work.

He found that on Saturday's, no matter how tired you are if you get up and go out side and walk around the yard, or go window shopping at the mall - it helps to get the chemo moving and out of the places it shouldn't be. And he's not so tired.

Wait until you have had a few treatments and see how you respond to them, then you will know what to expect and make your plans around that.

Good Luck to you

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