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Your 'UPSC Cousins' have been given our own UTERINE CANCER Discussion Board!

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UPSC is a cancer with a similar prognosis, recurrance rate, and treatment regime as Ovarian Cancer, and so we 'UPSC Sisters' pop in and read your posts and sometimes even chime in here. And you've all been so welcoming and generous and lovely. I thought you might like to know that the CSN website has just given us our own UTERINE CANCER Discussion Board, and so we've MOVED our thread today to http://csn.cancer.org/forum/189

We had to move because we had over 300 posts under a single discussion thread under the 'GYNECOLOGOC CANCERS OTHER THAN OVARIAN' Discussion Board and it took forever to load and anyone newly diagnosed with our cancer had to read through the whole long long thread if they were looking for help for anything specific. Anyway, now we will be able to have more organized individual and 'SEARCH-able' threads, like you have, and be a better resource for newbies that join the community. We just didn't want to lose you in the move! From your 'kissing cousins', the UPSC Sisters!

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This should help you get more specific. Yep, I'll take you "kissing cousins" any day. Do you have a ribbon for the color of UPSC yet? That might be a next step. Don't know how that works. I didn't find out about any ribbons other than pink until about 6 months ago. Saundra

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Teal is ovarian but also for all gyn cancers and peach is uterine cancer. Here is sight that lists all the colors and cancers. It also sells you stuff but you only need to look at the first page to see all the colors and causes. :-)

Glad you have your own board, upsc come back and visit us. :-) Hugs Bonnie


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