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soft tissue sarcoma-Feb.4,2009

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My husband was recently diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in his right arm above his elbow.
Has anyone dealt with this type of cancer? Surgery for it? Side effects from radiation? I'd appreciate all responses because I'm a nervous wreck over it.


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Hi, there are more then 60 typesof the soft tissue sarcomas, some of them more common then other - check the pathology report for the full name. Surgery is a must for any of them but the rest of treatment depends on the type and on the outcome of the surgery - if there were wide negative margins then radiation might be not needed.Make sure the surgery is done by the specialized surgeon as the success depends on the skills.

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Hi I am a 57 yo woman and had a large lump in my thigh that turned out to be pleomorphic sarcoma. After the surgeon needle biopsied it , she met with the Cancer team and it was determined that 5 weeks of radiation followed by wide excision surgery with a free flap graft would be done. Now, in August I am going to start Ifosfamide and Epirubicin for 6 cycles. My inirtial PET scan was negative except at the known thigh site. This entire process started in March 2009 with Radiation in April and surgery in mid June- all margins were negative. I am still very fearful of its return. How does one get over it?

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I think I had the pleomorphic sarcoma type. I had a huge 11cm. tumor in my thigh. I first got chemo,then surgery, then two months of radiation. Since then-summer of 2007, and last radiation Jan/2008 I have remained cancer free. The radiation caused alot of damage and I still have pain from it. It's also caused me to have problems walking,falling at times due to the tissue damage.Its been hard because I thought after all of my treatments I would be ok and everything would be back to normal-which it isn't. I know I'm lucky to be alive every time I go to the hospital where I received treatment(H.Lee Moffitt in Tampa) luckily they had a sarcoma clinic there which is wonderful! I wish more people that had sarcoma would write in or share stories as I couldnt find info. when I was looking. I know it's very rare, but would still like to see more about it. I hope this helps you!

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hi, i had synovial cell sarcoma as diagnosed feb 2006. It was a 5-cm tumor on my right upper arm on my triceps. Surgery took off the whole tumor and luckily margins were clear. I also had radiation and chemo- Ifosfamide with mesna and Adriamycin for 6 months. I have been closely monitored by my oncologist doing MRI's & CT's every 6 months, watching closely my lungs. So far so good, except for a 1-cm nodule on my armpit that appeared june 2008 on my CT and stayed the same on my last CT Dec 2008. I'm planning to have it removed though considering my history of sarcoma.

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