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First time here

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It's 1:50 in the morning. My lifepartner is in bed and we have been told he has cancer. It's in his nostrils and roof of his mouth. We got the news about 2 weeks ago. His situation is more complex than most others ashe is battling HIV as well. My health is good (no HIV no Cancer). I am trying to break down the bills to the bare minimum so I can let him wuit his job. He needs to or the government can't/won't help him. The doctors said that if the cancer makes it to his lymphnodes (sp?)he is a dead man. I'm scared. I'm trying to be strong for him. alot of times i just hide in a book or one of my video games. how can Ido this?


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I am truly Sorry for the situation You find your self in.
You have started down a long tough road. The Folks here on this site have walked in your Shoes. We are here to give you Support in many ways. Is your partner in any kind of treatment program yet. There are a lot of trials out there. You need to be strong, Take Care of yourself both Mentally and Physically. The days will become long for you and there will be times you will feel you just can't go on. When this happens Just stop take a deep breath go out side for a while and you will be ok. We are here to answer any questions you have or just to listen while you vent your furstrations and you will have many. Hope you get some needed sleep. That was one thing I found very hard, With all of the days pressures it was difficult for me to get any quality rest.

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