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It's been 2 weeks since I had surgery. It took about a week to get out from under the drugs from it all. Reality was a little vague sometimes, so I thought I would wait to respond to all of you 'till I had a clear head. I can sound stupid without the help of drugs.

I've been trying to think of an appropriate way to respond to all the emails & all the prayers I got from so many people.

When I read them and Mary told me how many people were praying for me, it was a little over-whelming that so many people would be praying for me that I didn't even know.

Just to say thanks seem awfully small for such an undertaking as this. I know Mary let you know how well your prayers worked, how lucky I was and how well I got along. I didn't realize how much outside help I was getting.

I want to thank all the people that helped Mary, gave her support when I couldn't..you helped both of us through this.

To all the people that are going through this, it's not easy. It helps to have someone to lean on. If you have a question, I will try to help. Ask your Dr. about everything. It's better than being scared for not knowing.

Again, it's been 2 weeks. I'm feeling pretty good, not much pain, just waiting to see how the new plumbing works.


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These are the type of endings we like to see...............hugs, claps, and cheers for a job well done by both of you,and well deserved I might add....now enjoy life again.... God Bless ya both..........and He did.......... :-)

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Hi, Hop! I'm glad Mary didn't keep you all to herself! *smiles* Seriously, we're so glad you're doing better, and we're still praying for both of you.


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Thanks to you Hop, and to Mary. It sure helps that we can all go through this together. My turn now...throw me the rope and I will hang on for dear life!


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Ok, get ready.....HERE'S THE ROPE, Vicki. HANG ON dear friend. We pray and wish only the best for you. Even tho we're on the other side now, we're still going to keep up w/ how everyone is doing and check in w/ you now and then. Still in our prayers, dear....NEVER give up....there's always room for HOPE.

Luv ya,
Hop and Mary

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Its so great to see that you are doing so well that you can come in here and make a post to all of us. We have all looked forward to hearing from you, and to know that you are doing so well is such a blessing. You have a wonderful wife that loves you endlessly, and that is so special to see. You two make a great couple, and its such a pleasure to have met you both. Knowing people like you two are out there makes this world a whole lot better. You did Great Hop and I am so glad that things turned out the way they did for you. God Bless you.


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We're still going to be hanging around to see how all of you are doing. and YEP, you're still in our thoughts and prayers.....Hey, did Buzzard throw you the rope yet? If not, HERE IT IS....CATCH IT AND HOLD ON. Please keep us posted on updates.

Much love,
Hop and Mary

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I know what you mean about it being overwhelming to find out people all over the country that you don't even know are praying for you! So many people did it for me, so I'm glad to be able to do the same for you and others. God is good, all the time!

Best wishes in your continued recovery!!

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Loved your comment, "God is good, all the time"...HE sure is. Thank you for your prayers and please keep us posted with your updates. Only our best to you!
Hop and Marygale

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We're just so glad that you're through it and on the other side, the up side! Hop + e = HOPE!! :)



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You both have been an inspiration to me, cancer sure affects not just us, but everyone around us. I try to keep things as normal as possible, but when that "C" word gets in the way with me being tired and wore out, I try to push myself anyway.

Your story has been a true inspiration to me, especially with your wife by your side at all times..how would I do this alone, I couldn't imagine..my kids sure, but, it's so hard for them to see me in a doctor's setting, they hate hospitals, it scares the heck out of them. THank you for letting me go on this journey with you both, it does show me all about Faith and Hope.

Love to all!

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Ya know, we have come to the conclusion that w/ Hop's story of our journey, if we've helped only ONE person - maybe given them some inspiration, then it's been worth it. Always remember, Donna, that we MUST HAVE HOPE and FAITH. We just don't understand how we became so fortunate w/ the 3 Miracles God provided us. Thanks be to God, we have some more years together....So, DON'T GIVE IN OR GIVE UP, sweetie.....Look toward the LIGHT with all the HOPE and FAITH you can muster.
We'll still be around checking in on everyone, so please keep us updated.
Thanks for your prayers,

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I keep reminding Hop about Hop + e = HOPE....We'll still be hangig around here to see how everyone is doing, so post updates when you can. You make a beautiful couple.

Big huggggggggggs,
Hop and Marygale

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Hop your story and blessings how been such an inspiration to us and to see GOD's blessings in action is so rewarding and uplifting. You have been so blessed and we are so thankful for that. Hope that each day brings you closer to recovery. Now you and Mary can live life to the fullest with added zeal! We are so glad to hear from you. My husband who was dx in 8/06, had colostomy plus over two years of chemo is going back to Vanderbilt on Monday to have lung resection. The cancer met to the liver and now the lung. They are going to do lung surgery first and if they can get all the cancer, after he heals, he will be able to have the liver surgery. Please keep us in your prayers and we will continue to keep you and Mary in ours. GOD continue to bless you both!

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It really is good to hear you online now, recovering from your ordeal. You and Mary have been through it, and God has been by your side all along. You are both special to Him who created you and to all of those you have touched in your lives. He has a plan for you and has equipped you for what's ahead. Be sure to take time for yourselves and to give yourselves the time to recover; you both need recovery time, it's been a rough battle.

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Hi HOP! It is so good to hear from you. You have been in all of our thoughts and prayers, and Mary has been such a wonderful caregiver and has kept us all up to date with you. You are both amazing people. Get better, feel better and know that we will always be here for you!


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