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Visualization for a laugh!

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Great day here today--72 degrees and beautiful! I know we've heard how important visualization can be. Today while I was watching television, I saw the commercial for auto insurance where a nun gets rear ended, gets out, touches the car with a stick, and smiles benevolently. Then BOOM! the driver of the car that rearended her gets struck by lightning. For some warped reason, that makes me laugh! So I've been visualizing the nun touching any remaining cancer cells in my body and BOOM! they're history :) I'm not sure about this visualization, but it sure makes me laugh! Good night and sweet dreams of better days ahead. I pray for us all every night.


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I haven't seen that one yet, but sometimes the silliest, dumbest things can make me laugh- especially when I've been tired or under stress. The other day, my 8 yr old and 13 yr old girls thought I'd gone nuts- I was in the silliest mood and was laughing hysterically at some really dumb things & then the girls joined in laughing with me. It sure felt good to laugh!!!!!

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That's a great visualization......will have to take it to my guided imagery group
at the Wellness Center. We meet weekly and do visualizations for meditation and
relaxation; it is wonderful and helps the immune system, high blood pressure, etc.
Laughter is the best medicine too.....there are laugh yoga groups and senior
laughing clubs that include physical exercises and laughing.....so we are on the
right track.

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