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Husband has Pancreatic cancer He has become confused and so weak walking is hard eating little

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I want to know if others who care for cancer patient have this happen
he is on oxycontin 12 hour and 2 hour for pain
over the last 6 weeks he is confused, and seems everyweek is worse.
If I didn't feed him pill him and clean him he wouldn't know to do it
He was always a bath clean person.. Now food is a problem
Please can anyone let me know if they have this problem and when did it start
we have had Pan Cancer for 1 yr we knew it was 2 mnths to 1yr he had so he is longer then they thought..

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I am so sorry for you. I know what you are going thru. Do you have Hospice involved with your Husband? If not I think you would benifit from there help. I don't want to sound Harsh but time is growing short for you and your husband. The Last few weeks with my Wife are sounding like what you are going thru. She was very confused at times near the end (2 weeks). I had to do everything for her Just like you would do for a small baby. Hospice can provid a Lot of support, They have Pads for the bed and Dispers for adults. My wife completly stopped eating the last week. There is some good info from my friends on this site under "what was the last week of like" it is under Survivig Caregivers. I was in your shoes not knowing what to do and got a lot of responses from the site. I had to make a chart for all of her meds so I would not miss one. We are here for your support. The days will only get tougher. If we can help in any way Please just ask. I got a lot of info for what to expect from a web site in England
@ http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Get_Support/Information_for_carers/When_youre_caring_for_someone_with_cance.aspx
Take Care of your self

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Thank you for answering
It helps to know that this was just happening here,
I make sure all things are done and thankful I have the energy to do.
My husband has been so strong for most of this fight and never cried or complained
He is he best Thank you

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