vulvar cancer-adenocarcinoma

I feel alone. Diagnosed Dec. 23, partial radical vulvectomy Jan 12th, with radiation to follow as soon as incision heals. WHY do we not know about this cancer and how to examine ourselves for it?


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    Vulvar cancer
    I was dx with vulvar skin cell carcinoma in March of 2007. It does seem to be a little known about cancer. Perhaps it is because people find it hard to discuss. I was shocked to find out that I had a very large tumor and it had spread to the lymph nodes as well. I am very aware of my body and was consistent in yearly checkups. I had the partial vulvectomy and removal of 15 lymph nodes followed by radation. I was declared clear in Sept of 2007. I'm here if you should need someone to talk to for support and any information I might be able to give you.
    Feel free to email me. [email protected]
    Hugs and prayers