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Great news!

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Hello Folks:

My luv is back home with me once again. Surgeon releAsed him at noon today. Also, the Path. Labs were back and it showed about 20 lymph nodes around the large tumor, but none had any cancer cells....the tumor had not broken thru the wall...they took the port out due to all this good news. We go to see an Oncoligist in a week or so to verify all this and surgeon said he would probably tell us, "No need for Chemo". So, we have our fingers crossed.
The whole team couldn't believe how wonderfully Hop came thru all this and how beautifully well he is recovering. Oh Yeah, he's sore don't get me wrong. Looks like he has a new zipper on his tummy. WE HAVE BEEN SOOOOOOO BLESSED and we honestly believe it was all the prayers that did it. Now, Hop just has to find his "Special Purpose" here on this earth since Jesus didn't call him home yet.

His B/P is still running too high and they have him on 2 different kinds of meds for that. I just took it a little while ago (and must go do that again) and it was 170 / 82. 'Course the pain is going to drive it up some too. They seem t think once he is eating normally and taking his regular at home meds as he was prior to all this, that the B/P will gradually go down.

How do we feel???????BLESSED is the best we can describe it....also, when they came out and told us they didn't have to remove the whole colon, all 4 sons and I were grin from ear to ear. Now, after all the stress, fears, unknowns, anxieties, etc., I think our bodies and minds have had a load taken off and it's showing up in us being ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED.

Yep, we'll still be on this site and praying for everyone as usual and thanking God every day for what HE has done for us.

Hop said he doesn't feel like it tonight, but plans on writing a note on this site and Caringbridge to all of you later.

For now, g'night and May the Good Lord Bless and Keep each and every one of you in HIS tender loving arms,

Hop and Marygale

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You have been truly blessed and we are so thankful for your blessing. Hop is amazing and so is his story. You could not ask for a better report...no spread..no colostomy and no chemo.
Fantastic...news...Thanks be to God for answering all our prayers. Your comments have helped us..God bless you both and continue to keep us in your prayers and we will keep you in ours.

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I am so very happy for both you and HOP, what wonderful news!! God does answer prayers and heals us. There just arent any words to express how happy I am for you two. I will continue to pray that the ONC's say NO to CHEMO!!! NO TO CHEMO NO TO CHEMO...our new chant...

Please give HOP a hug for me and tell him WAY TO GO, we are all very proud of him and so glad to know he is at home with you and he is safe.

GOd Bless

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Oh, I do hope he gets to be in the no chemo club with me, because that's such a blessing. And I know you're just dancing for joy to have him home!


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Good for Hop! And you, Marygale, who pulled him through all of this. We are so happy for you both. Yes, let's pick up the chant, NO CHEMO, NO CHEMO.


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I came to this board just yesterday, and now reading about another miracle.. I do believe in them now, and so glad that Hop got through this and no chemo! I haven't even started chemo yet, and looking forward to already hearing those words! lol..

You are all so blessed, and how wonderful for your family to get that news!


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God answers our prayers! Now onto a quick recovery at home surrounded by a loving and supportive family!

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I know you guys are beyond yourselves in relief at the good news! Get some rest and move on to healing for Hop and strengthening for all! No chemo is definitely good news, but on top of the no colostomy is even better news! Dance for joy and thank God for His many blessings! Have fun in finding out what it is God has planned for Hop!

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Joined: Jul 2008

Sounds like you've had a blessing! God is good!

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Joined: Aug 2005

Wow! What grand news!!!

There IS something special for Hop, I'm sure of it!!!

Congrats on all of the GREAT news! Now take care of that man of yours, but also take good care of YOU!!!

Hugs, Kathi

Posts: 55
Joined: Sep 2007

I've been reading your posts and am so thankful for that wonderful news, it really could not have been better! Just want to add to make sure he keeps walking and moving about as blood clots are sometimes something that happen after surgery, my hubby got one a couple months later --just want to share with you. It sounds like you are on top of things and an excellent vigilent and proactive loving wife! He'll do fine. Thanks for sharing.

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you was frettin over a little ole bag.....Just kiddin bud.....Im tickled pink for both of you well for all of you...yep, you just became one of our little miracles....Thats hope for all....and to a couple of great people also....congratulations on a milestone.....God Bless you all.......

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Hey ya, Buzzard.....Thanks for the congrats. We're hoping our blessed news will give everyone else HOPE and realization that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. We have to learn to live each day for what it is and enjoy it to the fullest. I just keep wondering, "Why did we have to go thru all this?"...........We've been blessed w/ 3 miracles and believe they all came about from all the prayers. If our story brings HOPE and more FAITH to just one person, we'll be happy.
I'm assuming you were one of the unlucky ones to be w/o electricity due to ice storm..good to see you back online. I'm going to send you an email Directly from Hop. He has something for you. Hoping I have the right address.
Thank you Buzz.....and our never ending thanks to all who responded and offered prayers. We love you all

(Buzz, let us know if you got the email)

Hop and Marygale

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Posts: 156
Joined: Dec 2008

Buzz: Please email me. For the life of me, I can't get back into your email address.


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Posts: 3073
Joined: Aug 2008

work is ccpowers@tva.gov
home is cjpowers@brtc.net.

Im at work this week 6am-6 pm mon - thurs....email anytime....

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