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Question about retrograde ejaculation after prostatectomy

Green Lantern
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I have just been scheduled for a robotic prostatectomy. I was told by my urologist that some men may have retrograde ejaculations (where the semen backflows into the bladder) after they resume sexual activity.

Have any of you had this issue? Is it only occasionally, or is it every time you ejaculate? Does it hurt? Does it cause other issues?

Thanks for your sharing information.

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Green Lantern..
Truth of the matter is, the prostate is what creates the semen during ejaculation.
If you are having a true entire robotic removal of your prostate, there will be no more semen to ejaculate.
There may be a small trace amount of ejaculate that could come from the calpers gland, but it is usually of a minuscule amount.
Take a look at my experience's (http://csn.cancer.org/node/163769)
Also, feel free to email me, I'd be happy to share more with you including the recovery from the surgery as well as sexual and urinary recovery and issues associated with them.
All the best,

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The entire prostate and attached seminal vesicles are removed. The vas deferens is cut and clamped. You will no longer produce semen, but it will still feel like you are.

Here is a good simulation to explain what is going to happen.


The nerve bundles that you have heard about are for erections. The ones for sensation are in a different location. The actual orgasm is a brain sensation. The orgasm will still be there even though the semen will not.

Tom D Orlando Five month post op PSA Friday came back undetectable!

Good Luck Green Lantern! You will find people here that will help. Ask questions.

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I must say this so no one will be misled...the orgasm will not feel the same...at least for me it does not...not as intense...even though the nerves for this are not disturbed with the da vinci surgery.

I have heard it will get better with time...Day 64 post surgery.

Randy in Indy

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Maybe not as intense but for me they last a lot longer.


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They are definetly different. I suppose it veries for each individual.

Larry age 55

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Had first full night and day today without pad....I am continent!!!! and had first actual intercourse quite successful a lunch today....same length of orgasm but not as intense...I feel this will improve over time..heck its only 65 days since they sliced and diced me.

I am one very happy man...LIFE IS SO GOOD!!!

Randy in Indy

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I'm so glad that you guys are ok with posting this stuff, its hearing these wonderful successes that give my hubbie and me hope! Bless you all!

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Sex at Lunch Today? Gee and I'm stuck at the office!


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Not only is my recovery something to be very happy about...I work for a very good company that allows me to work from home....I do put in my time more than someone working an 8-5 job...but... it's very stress free!

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This is a part of the journey no one really wanted to face or talk about... until now.

We have all faced this cross-roads, no matter what procedure we chose to fight the cancer. A man's reality during ejaculation is an integral part of his sex life and is therefore one of the main reasons he will shy away from certain treatments that have even the slightest hint of any sexual problems.

Yes, surgery and all the other procedures will have a risk of ED... and it may never be the same feeling,... depending on the ability to save the vascular/nerve bundles. If you can get beyond that point, you now have the issue of getting to know your body all over again... kind of like being a teen-ager again!

It took three months for me to have an erection capable of penetration and a somewhat "satisfactory" orgasm after having a prostatectomy. Two years later and counting... uhh, the orgasms are extremely intense, because (in my mind anyway) the ejaculations are internalized. Something to look forward to... but, it just might be different for each man.

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congrates mate that must be such good news and lunch as well Indy must be happy for you as well .90 days for me now no pads at night just 1 for the day but I have to visit peoples homes so its a precaution i guess almost there . I may catch up to you soon I hope, gives a new meaning just going home for lunch mmm Take care and best of luck .Shane59

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once you are dry at night I went about 1-2 weeks and then would just continue wearing the 1/2 pad I had on at night and find it was only small leaks ...so I just said..hey I am home and I think I will just go without and see what happens. I only have small leaks when farting or late in the afternoon early evening...seems common...I was on the phone with my older brother and was telling him and mom the good news....and said I leak once in a while a little spot...my brother chimmed in and said..hey thats normal now for me....I laughed and didn't feel so bad about the small leaks I get...I can live with those. I predict in several weeks you will be without needing pads.

Randy in Indy

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As I have heard this on another forum, we call them "girlgasm", not because they are not as intense, but because they are different. It is definitely a brain thing because your dick can be absolutely flacid while this mind blowing oragasm is coursing through you. These came courtesy of the Viberect, an expensive toy with an irreplaceable battery. 

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Hey there Green Lantern, and everyone else!

I just had full robotic radical prostatectomy in Feb 1.  It went very well, with very little pain overall, and minimal scarring. I found the worst part of the whole thing was the stupid catheter for 10 days...That was NOT pleasant.

BUT, I feel very fortunate that it's going as well as it is.  I was able to achieve my first full erection 2 weeks after surgery, which my doctor thought was fantastic (keeping in mind that I just turned 45 while I was recovering...Doc says my age has a lot to do with how well my recovery is going.)

But this leads me to the specifics of your question:  The ejaculations.  Though it's still very early in my recovery, I have been able to have full, hard erections and orgasms.  They don't feel the "same" as before, but they still are pretty intense.  And while there is none of the semen that I'm used to, I am still producing quite a bit of pre-ejaculate (I was a very heavy producer before.) 

But, it's only been 68 days, and I'm still healing.  So I do expect things to continue to change as time progresses.  I will say, however, that I've noticed changes in the physical appearance and sensitivity of my penis.  What I mean is that while it basically feels the same as it did before, certain areas are actually MORE sensitive now, which changes my sexual experience.  For example ( and not to go all TMI on anyone), I seem to have lost about 1\2" of my overall flacid length (I'm not on a pump yet...I may gain that length back if I use the pump...We're not sure).  Because of this my foreskin actually covers more of my head now, which keeps  my head and foreskin more moist than before, almost as if I'm "uncut."  Because of this it feels different: before, my foreskin under the head did nothing for me.  Now, I can practically have an orgasm from stimulating it alone.  It's odd, but certainly not bad.  For me, it's almost like having a new penis that I now have to acquaint myself with.  As others have stated, it's different for everyone.

As far as continence is concerned, that part definitely requires patience!  While I have pretty good control during the day, I'm still leaking quite a bit at night.  So I can use light guards for day, but I use a heavier guard while I sleep.  That'll get better though, as time passes and I continue my Kegels. But I do have to say that my doctor had said to me, and I quote, "When I'm done with you, you'll be able to piss the bark off a tree!". He was NOT kidding!  I didn't pee this hard when I was 16!  It's amazing.  And so FAST!  I know it's an odd thing to get excited over, but it's definitely a new experience for me.

Sorry for being so wordy.  But there's just so much to say about this process.  I'm so happy for everyone who is doing well.  And I'm very happy to be a (new) part of such a giving and sharing community.  Makes this process a whole lot easier!

 Feel free to co tact me if you have any questions you think I may be able to answer for you.  I don't have the experience of a lot of these guys, but I think we all have something to contribute to each other.  I hope I've been helpful.

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Max Former Hodg...
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I'm glad you have joined here, Gift.  And know that "Wordy is Welcome !" (a reference to your comment in the text).  It is in fact more efficient to give an account in full detail at the beginning, rather than having to answer ten questions later.

Your age at DaVinci removal is extraordinary -- 45.  Very few guys here have the disease at so young an age. (The average age for initial diagnosis of PCa in America is 67 years.)

Overall it sounds like your progress post-surgery is quite fast, faster than many others (like myself) who nonetheless make full recoveries both in urinary control and potency. Regarding your specific question, I would say that the majority of men are still mostly if not totally impotent at 45 days, and mostly numb in the region. So, "feeling a little different" is itself way ahead of where most guys are at at 45 days.

 I hope this fast recovery continues in that manner for you,


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Hi there. I am 40 years old. I live in Austin, TX and was diagnosed when I was 37. My doctors told me constantly at the time that I was their youngest Prostate Cancer patient and that they were excited to see how I would do. I achieve full erection with no problems. I pre-*** alot and always have, nothing has changed. I don't ejaculate but the orgasm is CERTAINLY more intense. To the point that I feel like I leave this galaxy and return when it is over. AMAZING! I do miss ejaculating. I feel like as men, at least for me, my ejaculations were something to be proud of. Nevertheless I am grateful. Never had to wear a diaper and havent had any leakage. I attribute this to my age, being in good physical shape and I am certain that my Urologisits hands are blessed. I don't visibly see that I've lost any inches of my shaft. Haven't measured, never measured before. I ran across this thread when I was researching dry orgasms and decided I needed to respond. It's interesting to run across a discussion like this, because as someone else in this thread noted, as men we rarely talk about anything dealing with sex, our penis or something that could interfere with either of those. I honestly couldve never imagined that I would be as pleased with my erection, my orgasms without ejaculation or the size of my penis. I know this isn't everyone's reality but this is why I tell men younger than 40 to certainly go get checked because catching it early can also help in terms of the outcome. 

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FYI, you're responding to a thread started 8 years ago.   So, you may want to repost this as the start of a new thread to "introduce" yourself to the forum.

Also, FWIW, you may still have some precum (as I do) and can orgasm (as can I) but you will not ever be able to "ejaculate" in the traditional sense again because the removal of the prostate makes that physically impossible.

Here's an article that lists, some things they don't tell you before prostae removal, including the possibility of ejaculating urine instead of sperm and the loss of the flaccid length of the penis due to the removal of the prostate:


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Welcome to the board. I enjoyed reading your experience. Best wishes for full recovery including the incontinence issue.

Will be waiting for your Remission declaration and celebrate your success

Best, VG

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Deleted.  Dup post "approved" by the Sysop after the 1st was put under "review."

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Thanks Swing!  I did realize late that I responded to an old post. However, just like I find this thread, others may also, so I hope it's at least helpful to them.  But yes, I will likely start anew.


Thanks again!


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I liked this thread too, Mr. Gift. My prostate was enormous, removal really shortened my junk since I lost the urethra positioned in the prostate.. Now I am a "thumbdick" as Sam Kinison used to call it. Laughing  I am a newbie to this forum, but my prostate issues go back ten years. But now I piss like a horse, even if I'm not hung like a horse. Laughing

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I had a pernile implant after all opher methods failed. Best thing i ever did.No more erectile worries. Blue cros s medicre advantage covered it. Easy surgey

Now 5 years later Still got dry orgasms and precum.


two questiions?

Could pre *** after rpp cause pregnancy?


Gabapentin to correct  polyneuropathy  ( numb painful toes . not diabetic) )  seems to inhibit  dry orgasms


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