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Biotene Toothpaste

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I had a grade 3 astrocytoma tumor on my right frontal lobe 15+ years ago and went thru 6 weeks of radiation treatment and a years worth of chem. I had dry mouth for years after, always felt thristy and always had ulcers. I have been using this for a couple of years now, and what a difference it makes, I only wish I would have known about it sooner. Its a little on the expensive end, but you can catch it on sale at walgreens for 4.99, but it has been a blessing as far as the difference it makes.

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As soon as my tumor was found, and I began anti-epileptic drugs for seizures, my dentist recommended Biotene to me. I have a wonderful dentist, a young guy in his early 30's, and he warned me about dry mouth and gum bleeding from anti-epileptic drugs. I have read lots of information about the importance of dental health for cancer patients as many infections start in our mouths ... and we definitely don't want infections.

I've been using the Biotene mouth wash and it's awesome.

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If you use the Crest Pro-health, that will work just as good and s much cheaper(well not quite the same, but good enough if the temodar doesnt cause your mouth to get too dry). The secret is eliminating the alcohol from your mouth as that helps in drying it out. Pro health does not have alcohol in it.

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