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Are there any bikers out there fighting cancer?

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Do you love motorcycles? Are you (or a family member) battling cancer?

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Hey, my son just dx'd with test CA. just finished 2 surg. and ready to strt chemo inna couple days, I'm the biker type, I ride a "51" flathead and located in hawaii, I take care of my son. Also look on the boards, there's another biker type. I used to belong to the tacoma hog group, but mostly ride by myself. I'v had friend in gypsy jokers, outsider, hombre's hells angels. but still a loner. just supporting my son thru his issues. Hope you're doing well.

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Noticed your note saying "biker". Thought I'd drop you a line. I'm recovering from T3 pancreatic cancer myself. I'm an independent rider (been riding for 30+ yrs.). I haven't been able to ride my road king but twice since surgery. Tell your son other bikers are keeping him and his family in thier prayers!

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Hi everyone....probably surprised to see a woman on this post but I am a huge motorcycle lover. Bought my own 09 Dyna in March and diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August. Just started chemo a few days ago...I miss my ride already. Its hard riding on back and hard to deal with the fact I can't ride. Hurts so much Ive been avoiding my riding buddies. It truly is my passion...would love to hear from anyone else that is going though this also.

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My husband, son and I went for a ride once I finished chemo and before RADS. I have been dealing with Neuropathy since the chemo. It was painful to the entire body and I have not bee back on the bike since. We have a 2008 Dyna Street Bob. Everyone in my family who rides is independent.

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