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Back from my Liver Non-resection

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I'm finally home from the hospital...sigh. I had surgery on the 13th (Tuesday). I was there for the liver resection and RFA that I had worked so hard to get to. After they opened me up they did a liver ultrasound and found more tumors than they knew about, some larger some smaller...including one too close to the hepatic artery to remove by surgery or RFA. They also found more cancerous lymphnodes. This eliminated me as a surgical candidate. My surgeon closed me up.

Now I need to heal from surgery and return to chemo. I'll meet next week with my med. onc. to discuss my next treatment plan but this was very bad news and creates many more hurdles to recovery. I hate canSer. I won't let this thing beat me! I won't.


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ahhh Kimby that is the pits. I think every time one goes in for re-section you pray the non re-section won't happen. Take some time, breathe, rest, heal and get ready for the next round.

I feel so badly for you but you are a fighter I justy know it!

Hang in there kiddo

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Thanks, mags. I don't think I'm a fighter but I AM a brat! LOL I'll keep at it - just discouraging. All of your support helps so much...Thanks again :)


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Dear Kimby,

I am so sorry. My prayers are with you for a quick recovery from the surgery so you can gather strength for a new game plan. Your spirit will serve you well as you find a new way to fight back. You will, Kimby. I believe!



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You say you aren't a fighter, but you are! You can do this. We have your back.
And being a brat just makes you a stronger fighter!

Many hugs, Vicki

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ok brat, pitch a fit to beat the band and send those suckers packing off where they belong!

Send the eviction notice pronto. They may NOT reside in you whatsoever. Those suckers are toast!

They cannot play with your toys. You don't want them in your house. They can take their little tumor balls and go home. Forever! Who needs them anyway?

So there!

peace, emily

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Am so sorry to hear of your troubles; but I am sure your docs know you are a fighter
and will work toward another plan for you. When things get tough, the tough get going.
My prayers are with you.

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And you WILL win the battle! Like everyone else said, you need some time to collect yourself and regroup. It sucks when we find out that our initial plan, the one we had put so much hope it, just isn't going to work. Then we remember that, as proven from our past troubles, things work out for the best. So, we become confident in the fact that if our planned treatment can't be used, it's because that treatment WASN'T the endall cureall we had imagined it to be. We regroup for the new treatment and go on.

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Hi Kimby,
I'm sorry you had to experience surgery just to be closed up and disappointed. It's really lousy and frustrating- I ache for you. BUT... you WILL be okay, and you WILL be able to fight this- I just know it! In the couple of weeks or so before you actually start on the chemo, I'd pump your system up with antioxidants and cancer fighting supplements right away, so you start out strong.

Best wishes and may God give you strength Kimby-

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Kimby so very sorry to hear about your surgery. Hang in there, keep the faith, don't give up.
Our oncologist told us there was no hope for Frank but after trying all he had to offer, we went to Vanderbilt and have found hope. Remember " With God ALL thing are possible" You will be in our thoughts and prayers. keep fighting
God bless you and give you the strength to win this fight.

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You guys are the best! I always feel better after being here. I have it so much better than most, and yet, here you all are for me. I appreciate your kind words.


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I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way you hoped, but God's plans aren't always our plans. It sounds like you're ready to fight the beast. Just keep a positive attitude. I'll be praying for you.

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Hi Kimby,

I admire your fighting spirit. It is a bumpy road, but I am sure you will overcome all the difficulties.
My condition is very similar to yours. Right from the beginning, my doc told me that surgery and RFA will not work for my liver mets, due to the location and size. But after 12 chemo treatments, I meet with the tumor board to discuss the options for liver treatment. They found that I am a very good candidate for SIRT or Sir-Spheres. You may want to mention that to you onc in the next meeting. From my research of SIRT, it seems to works very well for most of the patients. Some even thinks it works better than the surgery.

Good luck and keep up the positive spirit.


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I have a patient partner who experienced the same. Then, after chemotherapy, he once again became a surgical candidate. He had surgery, and then went off fishing in Alaska!

Don't give up, dearheart!

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm so sorry about this, Kimby. Going back on chemo is the pits, but I love your attitude. Don't let this @#$(#$( thing beat you!

Hugs and prayers,

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Oh, Kimby. I'm so sorry this happened. I know it must have been a shock to your system. I'm glad you're putting up your dukes and fighting back. Tell cancer you are NOT going to take it anymore.


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