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Cooking for Wellness

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I attended the most wonderful workshop yesterday at the Wellness Center on "Cooking for
Wellness" The instructor, a nursing instructor at a local unversity, cooked the best
tasting vegetarian dishes for us......emphasizing the need to get more veges and fruits
into our diets......I would say it is an alternative to juicing......cabbage, kale, swiss
chard, beets, sunchokes, rutubagas,pomegranite juice, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, nuts.
even sardines, parsley. The spice tumeric has recently become the new superstar of spices for
having anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.....use in scrambled eggs, soups, etc.
The greatest source of Vitamin C is not orange juice but parsley and red peppers. Fingerling
or small red potatoes have more fiber than the huge baking potatoes. Dandelion greens are for
eating not just eradicating from our lawns. I am starting out small with a soup of cabbage
and small red potatoes and am trying pomegranite juice and even a tin of sardines which can
lose their strong flavor by mixing with lemon juice and fresh parsley or dijon mustard and
onions as a spread. All kinds of ways to add more anti-oxidants and nutrients to our
centrally focused meat diets. The instructor says way to get most from veges and fruits
is fresh ones but did agree that frozen could be second alternative.

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You really brought back memories! I Can remember when my Greek yaya's and all the little greek ladies in the neighborhood would spend the afternoon picking dandelions. I couldn't believe they would eat dirty green weeds.


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I grew up in the country and my great aunt used dandelions to make wine....my first hangover was at her farm! LOL!


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yes, I am from the south, Alabama, and grew up on more greens than I ate after I left home....
but they were generally cooked in shortening, the fattiest fat there is, or bacon grease.
so there you are. A lot of veges and fruits mess up my system too with diarrhea and gassy,
so that is wny I am going to introduce more very slowly in my daily eating habits. I could
not believe how tasty they were at the workshop but this instructor threw a lot of spices
and broths, etc. into them too. I was so full after we tasted at least six different things
she cooked in a span of little over an hour.

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