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squamous cell carcenoma

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im told my husband has this rare form of squamous cell...ill give you all the scoop of what is happening and if anybody can add anything please do
- it is ? the 17th of Jan / 09
- he was diagnosed easter / 08
- he was told he was pallitive and had 18? mths to live
- we are rounding a year with this monster no diff than a billion plus people out there battling for their lives
- of which i think is the most disheartening thing i have ever had to understand in my life
when i hear billions of dollars going to car dealership people for bailouts when ppl around are dieing.
- mu husband and I are fighters so here goes

the wound is the size of your foot across his groin and the piece of area when we started was a hole in his leg the size of a small roast that had rotted away.
- we have been told before we knew what pallitive meant or why we were even labled as such when he ended up in the er in mapleridge general in vancouver bc that he should know what to do when they pull the plug on his life
- he was told about filgrasm shots and we got that and if we knew about it b4 we probably would never of ended up in the er 10 pm at night being told by the guy at that time of which was to take over the hospital we his name was frank and they call him frank so now you know
and we need to get funeral arrangements made ....this all said by the guy who was to take over the hospital.

- have since got him those shots and we are up and running again
- I will say this if anything has everbeen uunfair in my life I will say it was what that idiot did to us in such a tough time but never in my life have i ever been so empowered to beat something either.

we are a year later and he has done extreemly strong 12 rounds of chemo
30 days of absolutely burn beyond what i understand rad. and we are still standing.
I have lost my job over having a husband who has cancer and I will fix that as well.
- if this isnt a fight story i dont know what is.

to all out there going threw this to what ever degree donot stop fighting ...asking questions...demand all the tools to help you ...if they dont have it figured out they dont have a cure they dont know what will work we will see? then nothing should be denied to you...

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- he had a wound the size of your foot and deep holes into his leg.
- it hasnt matastisized = according to every doctor over a lumphnode is a miracle in it self
- since the rad over 3 times the area the leaking has been hugely decreased
- we now areafter surgery
of which we were told no before because they would have to amputate the entire leg and half his body

- well the would after the rad has shrunk to a 3rd or less the size it was hugely healed areas all around
- and all the area active that i can see is back where it started 2 years ago

- all i hear now is remove the origin spot and we have a way better chance of him recovering fully

- we have that disgussion with the doc in about 3 hours
- wish us luck because if that woman says no sorry see ya we will be out looking for a new doc.

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just so you all know in real life i am a quiet person but holy! this is teaching me to speak up ! so if i can do it - so can any of you!

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Hi Missy. I shortened your name as it takes too long to type. I am not trying to insult you. It seems you have been through the ringer with doctors that really didn't care or didn't understand your husbands cancer. It now seems that they are up to speed on his treatments from what I have researched. I am not a medical professional in any respect. Just another cancer survivor. If its true that the cancer has not invaded his lymph system or any body organs then that is great news. And I agree that trying to remove a large area of cancer and trying to get to a good area without cancer cells would proubly result in removing too large a part of his body. At least with the size of the areas you have mentioned. The chemo and radiation is hard on everyone but it seems the only option in his case. There will most likely be side effects from both but at least he will be here for you and your children. I hope his appointment goes well. I understand what its like to constantly fight the medical system. Delays in treatment and appointments just allow the cancer to grow and we suffer longer or have to move to harder treatments. Its frustrating when you feel like a file sitting on someone's desk. So never feel bad about driving them crazy and asking questions. Over the years I found I was treated much better by developing a relationship with the scheduling nurses. You don't get to a doctor without an appointment. They would get my life story and I turned into a human being instead of a file or number. Some became friends over time and it sure helped speed my medical treatment. I hope only for the best for you and your family. Slickwilly

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