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We're back......

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Arrived in Los Angeles last night (or was it afternoon...or was it next Thursday???).

The flight was uneventful, ended up getting good seats where there were just the two of us in the row...so the only one I disturbed was Hans....ROFL!

MAN! What a shock the temperature was...In Amsterdam, it was 2 degrees celcius above freezing. Sweaters and jackets and gloves on, please...In L.A...80(!)F degrees...almost did a naked dance without trying in the process of trying to remove all the hot layers!!!

We hit home, and hit bed. I'm up and rarin' to go this morning...at 4 A.M. (maybe a touch of jet lag..it's 9 hours later for me..lol!). We are making plans for returning in April to stay for longer...about 6 months, if we can swing it. We shall see...

Hugs, Kathi

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Sounds like you had a great trip! :)


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Fantastic! I'm glad y'all are home safely and had such a lovely time. Hope you can do the return trip. I would love to travel like that!


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Glad you are here safe and sound. I would love to visit you when you go back. I think I will put that on my "after cancer" plan!


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It's going to take you a while to acclimate to CA's warmer weather! I can remember moving from Newport RI to Jax FL end of January and had packed what we considered to be warm weather wear for the 2 months we would be there. Yea, we had to go out and buy tshirts and shorts. All the kids in Jess' kindergarten class thought she was nuts! They were all in their winter wear and jess wore nothing but shorts and tshirts!

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My son lives in Hermosa Beach and he says it's been just plain hot there in LA the last few days. Well, here in KC it's around 0 with a wind chill well below that. Still not as cold as it sounds like Holland was. At least we don't have any snow to make driving hazardous. Anyhow, welcome back and keep doing that naked happy dance.

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Welcome Home Kathi. It sounds like a wonderful life of travel. I hope we can do that someday! Here in Iowa, we are trying to adjust to the temperature shock. Today the high was -10 and the windchill factor was somewhere between -45 to -50. What are we doing here??? I think I remember saying that I loved the change of seasons........but I'm not so sure anymore!

Glad you made it home safely!


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