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kicking he crap outta squamous cell

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hi everybody, my husband was diagnosed with this last easter.the size of the wound was the size of your foot on his upper leg.he has done 12 rounds or stronger strength chemo and 30 days of terrible strong rad. the wound is 2/3rds smaller.docs are falling over them selves.are we allowed more chemo or rad if a bit is left? iv heard u cant do anymore?

Posts: 11
Joined: Apr 2008

they said his body cant take anymore? if your listed pallitive? why cant we if he needs it? i dont get it

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I would keep asking until you get a satisfactory answer. I don't know what is allowed but, I would not give up asking until you feel satisfied with the answer. Did you consider a second opinion? It's worth looking into.Cancer is so scary to all of us and I know your worry won't get better until you have all of the facts. Keep trying- you're in my prayers.

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