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ABVD Treatments

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Has anyone ever received 6 additional cycles of ABVD treatments cause your Hodgkins Lymphoma came back? Or what other kind of treatment have you had and was it successful?

Thank You.

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I had three cycles of ABVD and 20 treatments of radiation for my Hodgkins. It was my second form of Cancer in 8 yrs. I'm doing very well and am in remission for second time. It's time for my next round of checkups and tests that I never look forward to. If I can help or you just need someone to listen. I can be reached at kcollins@cccymca.org

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I had 6 cycles my initial treatment that put me in remission. When my Hodgkins came back the second time I had radiation and am now in remission again. I only had about 6 months of remission the first time. I should have had radiation done the first time with the chemo but the dr opted to not do it. I have heard of having ABVD for a recurrence. How long were you in remission before the recurrence? What do the dr's say about it?

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