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Has anybody ever tried B17, Artemisinin or any other Natural Chemotherapy drug?

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It would be interesting to know if anybody ever had a success in replacing the actual Chemotherapy with Natural remedies? Vitamin B17, Laetrile, Artemisinin and some other natural drugs claimed to have a natural chemotherapy effect stopping or even reducing cancerous growth. I hope to hear honest experiences from people who's are not advertising these products.
Best wishes,

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I have a friend who swears by Laetrile, found in bitter apricot kernels. He pointed me to Our Father's Farm and I did purchase some but haven't started taking them. Not sure why, they just still sit on my counter. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early stage MANY years ago and immediately immersed himself in eastern remedies. He is very happy with his choice and it seems to be working for him.

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Hi Steven,

Every single thing I did after my surgery was to kill off any lingering cancer cells in my system and to boost my immune system. It was quite extensive and work but worth it.

As you know from my previous posts I opted to NOT do any chemo. But I did a ton of stuff.

Maitake mushrooms, selenium, fish oil, quercetin were all taken to control any growth of cancer and shut it down. Shark cartilage was to cut off the blood supply that a cancerous growth creates to feed itself. Fractionated (?) fruit pectin was to "expose" any cancer cells that were "invisible" to my body. My killer cells apparently didn't "recognize" cancer cells as one to kill. The pectin stuck to it so it could be recognized.

Digestive enzymes also worked to dissolve the coating of any cancer cells that were hiding.

You know how I feel about juicing and what that does. It's CHEMA! Juice of the plant. Just ask scouty what it did to her tumor in her rectum.

A woman who was in my old homeschool group cured her son's cancer with juicing and pumping it directly into his stomach via an NG tube (he was 2 yrs old). They ground up many supplements and pumped that directly in also. He is now about 17 or 18. She wrote a book about it, "Your Child Doesn't HAve To Die" by Leanne Sorteberg. I consulted with her after my own dx. It's quite a story.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Patrick Quillin, PhD was a hugely helpful resource for me. I highly recommend it and told my oncologist that every one of his patients should be sent home with it. He has it (I recommended it to him when he was dx'ed with colon cancer and he read it! He also juices!)

If you ever want to talk let me know.

peace, emily

ps. I am not selling anything- ever --just promoting improved health and hope through optimal nutrition of one's own choosing.

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I had the privilage of listening to a lecture on the internet from a homeopathic doc that has a astounding number of natural agents he uses in his treat protocols with his patients. One he uses with his patients, in which he calls a natural form of chemotherapy, is called Poly MVA. He also combines the application of Poly MVA with coq10 ubiquinol that he sez increases the effectness. Also there are herbs fro the Amazon that he uses too.

Heres the link to research it... http://www.polymvasurvivors.com/

If you want to listen to the complete lecture, i can email it to you or anyone else thats interested.

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