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Info needed please help

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My Breast Ca was diagnosed in 2006. Finished Treatment in 2007 in 2008 it's back with a vengence to both my bones and lungs. Start my 1st treatment of Zometa this AM.

Has anyone else had this experience.

Treatment REALLY frightens me.

I'll be in treatment today with no computer access, but my email address is dhgardner2001@yahoo.com and I get emails on my cell phone if you have a minute please email me with your experiences.



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I'm wondering why no one had any words for you at this site. I, too, am going through something similar. I am a new member of this site as of today. Had BC in 2001, 7 1/2 year survivor (I thought). Now nodules have shown up on my lung, same side as the BC, and evidence of a bone fracture (old or new, no one has told me). They are going to schedule me for a bone scan, so I am assuming that they are considering it going to my bones, as well as my lungs. So far it has taken them almost a week to schedule me. Irritating, to say the least. I, too, am very frightened. It is worse coming back, after you thought you were "cured" than it was the first time.

What have you discovered since you initially made this post and asked for help?

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Did you both have radiation therapy or chemo after your diagnosis for BC? Maybe this article will explain the reoccurance of cancer.....

Cancer Spreads Through Body Long Before Tumor Develops
From News.bbc.co.: Apparently "normal" cells may carry cancer to new sites long before a tumour develops, lying dormant until key genes are activated, experts say. US researchers say their findings, published in Science, could explain why some breast cancers lead to new tumours long after the disease is treated....


How can we eradicate cancer once and for all and keep it from reoccuring? That should be a topic to take up with your oncologist!! I'm in remission for 8 years and I've delt with this problem and no longer fear cancer... Its simple.. our creater equiped us with an IMMUNE SYSTEM!!
This article may help you understand what you need to do to help your body deal with the reoccurance of cancer, especially if your back in treatment..

Mushrooms that fight cancer..http://form.hsibaltimore.com/reports/mushroom_cancer.pdf
Hope this is helpful. God Bless..

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My mom was diagnosed with BC in 1995, had masc. and path showed stage 2B. Just had chemo, then 7 yrs. later found egg size hole in sacrum. She had another type of chemo and radiation. 3 yrs. later in May 2005 found new spot on T-12 and had another type chemo and radiation there. 6 months later it showed up in T-9. Just had radiation because onc. said obviously the cells were living thru the 3 different chemos and there was no need to go thru that again. Next in May 2008 new spot on L-5 and had radiation. In oct. 2008 started spotting( went thru meno in 1995 with chemo)had vaginal ultrasound and found tumor in uterus. Had hyst. and path report showed a rare uterine cancer called uterine papillary serous carcinoma. This had nothing to do with breast cancer. Totally blew us away! Now in Jan. 2009 we had PET scan and found BC is back in ribs and T-5 on spine! She is 65, my dad is deceased, and she is so tired from fighting. UPSC is aggressive and doesn't respond well to trmt. She couldn't have anymore radiation because her torso has already been radiated from neck to tailbone, so she has opted to give up the fight. The main thing to remember is your dr. should have you on pain management. Mom has been on slow release Oxycontin, Percocet for breakthrough pain and now Fentenyl pain patches. Her dr. said he couldn't cure her from BC, but he would not let her suffer. She also went through the whole string of estrogen blockers and calcium builders and the last were shots once a month called Faslodex. The next step was experimental trials, but when we found out she had 2 primary cancers going on she decided to go on Hospice care. She has made it over 7 years after becoming stage 4, so keep fighting and praying and keep your spirits up. That's most important.

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