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Exciting News: Inositol

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I think you all are used to me and my babble... of which I'm constantly saying that healing oneself takes a lot of work and energy. That includes the traditional treatments we are on (chemo, radiation, surgery, etc) and/or alternative medicines/treatments (juicing, naturalpath, holistic treatments, etc). There is sooooo much information out there that already exists, it's enough to make one's head spin... then there's all the new information that is coming out. I think that's where having these support forums comes in handy. No one person has the resources to hear about every possible new treatment or drug that is approved, not to mention what all is being tested and has the "potential" for being a valid cure.

Well, you can imagine how this news article caught my eyes and ears when it came on the 11pm News tonight. At first, it was that they were testing it here in Vancouver, then when they mentioned it is showing great potential at not only helping with depression/anxiety, but also with pre-cancer lung cells! The two go hand-in-hand... depression/anxiety and cancer.

Now, I know for those of use who have mets in our lungs, the cancer is not considered lung cancer but a spread of colon cancer. But still... if we have pre-cancer cells in our lungs, just waiting to grow... and this Inositol can stop the cancer cells from growing... it may also work for mets as well as primary lung cancer.

Read this article and see what you all think:


I'm thinking... it certainly won't hurt to go to a health food store and pick up some of this :)



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Thanks Cheryl,
Great info, and this really seems to be worth to try. The Web site looks credible. Only the manufacturer should be checked before the purchase. I am also, for long time now, looking for natural medicines but more for something which is not only for prevention but for proven stop or reduction of the cancer growth. This would be a Natural Chemotherapy drug. I haven't decided yet to try B17, Laetrile, Artemisinin, Artesunate, or other stuff for strengthening Immune system and NK cells. I know, B17, Laetrile is unapproved by FDA but a Mexican Pharmaceutical manufacturer is making some of these which means some guaranty. You can read about these and other info's on: http://www.keepblairalive.com
Best wishes,

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It's an article from a News program on CTV (Canadian Television Network).

Links don't appear as clickable links in our posts, Nana.... you will have to copy it and paste it in your browser at the top, then press Enter. Yes, it will take you to the CTV website and right to the article.



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