3 mths post surgery, Still sore and achy?

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New to this site.....Diagnosed with 6cm tumor RCC in left kidney 10/08 and had radical nephrectomy,open surgery, along with removal of gall bladder. My incision runs across
my abdomen from left to right. Never had surgery prior to this. I came on this site to search for any discussions regarding how I should be feeling 3 mths post surgery and could find none. So, let me ask anyone out there, how long does it really take to feel yourself again. I am so sore on my left side, day in and day out. I have difficulty getting comfortable in bed, getting in and out of car, seats, chairs.........I am so frustrated
and don't know if this is normal, nor what to expect, nor how long this soreness and discomfort should last. Please share your post surgery recovery process with me if you have been in the same situation. Thanks so much.


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    still sore and achy YES I MOST CERTAINLY AM
    Same size, same procedure as you in March. I ache all over. I was told I'd feel like this for aabout 7 weeks and then I've read about people 18 months later that are still sore. I had this done at NY Hospital. They were all great but when I woke, I had pain that I couldn't imagine. I was there for 10 days and came home with 7 days of pain killers. Don't laugh because even that hurts. Lying in bed isn't comfortable. I find that I can't sleep I wonder if it's because I don't do that much activity. In the beginning I needed to lie down for about an hour after a shower. Now, I am up and dressed and drinking a cup of tea and sore so so sore. I was told to walk and it would help. Not so far. I just can't get comfortable. I called the doctor and he told he because it's a major organ it takes time. I also get out of breathe very easy and that bothers me greatly. I still haven't driven the car--haven't even thought about it. I never thought it would be this sore or uncomfortable. My right side is still swollen and it's a deep sore that only you can know what I'm talking about. Hang in there--we'll get through this.
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    almost 4-months post surgery
    And my belly still feels like pins sticking in it - and sore to touch -
    I guess it's normal -
    My radical nephrectomy was 3-16-2009, went back to work 4-16-2009 - feel fine other than my belly hurts -
    Take care -