Am I overly concerned for nothing?

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I'm 33 and have been having some symptoms that I didn't really think to be anything too terrible until I started researching...and now I'm getting really concerned. I had my 3rd child in Feb 2008, and restarted my cycles again in August. The first 2 were normal for me (some mid cycle bleeding), but the third one in Oct was VERY heavy. I figured since I'd had the baby, maybe my body was just needing to catch up and get things really cleaned out. The next month was a little heavier...and longer (12 days), followed by another period one week later. In the meantime, my stomach is starting to bloat out, and I look like I'm 4-5 months pregnant. I have to pee all the time, and I spot off and on all the time, and after my husband and I are intimate. My last cycle began Dec 29th...and was the heaviest yet...going through tampon + pad every 30 min for a spell of 4-5 hours on the heaviest day. (I had a really embarrasing accident out in public too...went through everything in a matter of 45 min...through tampon/pad/3 layers of cloths...SOOO embarrassing). That's when a flag went up for me...I don't want that to happen again, so I scheduled an appt for the GYN. He seemed to indicate that he thought it was most likely hormonal, etc...suggesting progesterone pills or IUD...or to just get pregnant again (ha...doubt my husband will go for a fourth). He did a pelvic and said my uterus was swollen and spongy. I'm not exactly sure what that means...but he's scheduled me for a U/S this Wednesday to get it checked out. All my symptoms, in a nutshell, are extremely heaving periods (passing clots), spotting through out cycle and after sex, bloated so I look pregnant, frequent urination, sometimes I have a watery discharge that seems like pink urine...not a lot of it...just happened a few times, and of course the swollen uterus. My mom had adenomyosis 5 years ago and had to have a hysterectomy due to the heavy bleeding. So, I'm thinking this is either hormonal, fibroids, adenomyosis, or worse, uterine cancer. I'm hating this wait for the U/S...just wish I could get it done and know something. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone know the probabilities of what the outcome could be based on my age and symptoms? Are there any certain questions I should be asking the U/S tech about this Wednesday? Maybe uterine lining thickness, etc? Am I being overly concerned or paranoid for nothing?


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    Did no docs suggest a D&C?
    A D&C is usually the fastest way to get a definitive diagnosis. With this heavy bleeding, a D&C might also be curative in getting that under control, redardless of what's wrong. You might want to bring it up and see what your doctors say. My own rare type of uterine cancer was totally without symptoms, but the more typical uterine cancers have symptoms similar to what you describe: heavy bleeding, bloating, pain. But so do a half dozen other 'female problems'. Take it from someone who had a bunch of 'non-diagnostic' and 'inconclusive' biopsies and sonograms before I finally had a D&C; the D&C was the first procedure that was able to make a definitive diagnosis. If I had it to do over, I'd have pushed for a D&C as soon as I had the suspicious PAP test, and saved myself 3 lost months and a bunch of worthless painful biopsies. A D&C is really nothing; outpatient surgery. I boarded a plane 2 days after my D&C and went on a 9-day hiking trip to Bryce Canyon, and felt just fine. Unfortunately, I came back to a D&C pathology report that I had cancer. I pray your story will have a happier ending.
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    Thank you for the response
    I will definitely mention that to the dr after my U/S on Wednesday. I really appreciate your advice...D&C does seem like the way to go given your experience. I did have one of those with a miscarriage once, so I know they aren't too bad. I think I've settled my nerves down a bit...hopefully it'll all turn out to be something minor as opposed to cancer. I wish you all the best with your treatments and recovery!