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Throat cancer

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I was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2000. At first, it was believed it was benign then, after surgery, tests showed it was malignant. It was in a rare position, in the back of the throat by the tonsils.
I was told most with this type of cancer only live about five years. I'm still here!

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I was told the 5 year survival rate was much higher, I guess in 9 years they have gotten that much better! creeping up on 2 years myself!

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Congratulations, Neil! You have not just exceeded expectations and statistics, but completely shattered them!

I agree with Bughunter, though, that a lot has changed in the last nine years. You must know that yourself. These days, head and neck cancer, if you get to year five, has a greater than 90% survival rate!

Even so, your example is a great one, one more positive testimony to the value of hope, effort, and determination.

Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


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In addition, I would add that with an ever growing percentage of HNC incidents that test positive for HPV 16 or 18, the survival rates continue to improve. Incredible to understand, but HPV positive cancers respond to treatment considerably better than HPV negative cancers. My Oncologist told me my odds at 5 years increased by 10-15% just due to the presence of HPV 16.

A strange silver lining to a black cloud.

Be well all................JK

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